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Podcast #232 - You're Entitled Whiners, Not Fans
Airdate: 01 Jul 2018

- 2001: A Space Odyssey remastered from 65mm negatives on Ultra HD Blu-ray
- Amazon's new Fire TV cube supports IR blaster and HDMI-CEC
- Pirate movie apps install malware on Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Sticks
- North American box office hits $6B, earliest milestone ever
- Deadpool 2 hits $705M worldwide
- Jurassic World 2 brings in $715M worldwide (updated to $932M)
- Infinity War crosses $2B mark globally
- Comcast launches $65B bid for Fox, beating Disney's offer
- Disney counters Comcast's offer and is immediately accepted by Fox
- Department of Justice okays Fox-Disney deal for some reason
- Jared Leto to star in Spider-Man offshoot Morbius
- A new TMNT movie is in the works
- Rumor: A Star Wars Story spinoffs are on hold...
- Rumor: ...except they're not
- MoviePass parent company's stock hits and all-time low
- MoviePass gets over 3 million subscribers, hopes for 5 million
- AMC adds their own $20/month subscription service
- MoviePass warns that "peak pricing" and other fees are on the way
- Alamo Drafthouse to test their own subscription service in Yonkers
- Robert Zemeckis will direct The Witches remake
- Trailer: Creed II
- Red band trailer (w/ trigger warnings??): Assassination Nation
- The next Spider-Man is likely called Spider-Man: Far From Home
- Sony and Amy Pascal working on Spider-Man offshoot Silk
- Jumanji 3 gets a release date of December 13, 2019
- Pete Docter to lead Pixar, Jennifer Lee to lead Walt Disney Animation
- Pinar Toprack will score Captain Marvel to be the first woman composer of a superhero movie
- The hits keep coming as Terry Gilliam loses the rights to Don Quixote
- Red band trailer: The Predator
- Patty Jenkins confirms that Steve Trevor is in Wonder Woman 1984
- Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 will miss its 2020 release date
- George Lucas says "a lot of the fans would have hated" the third trilogy
- Teaser: The Nun
- Doritos auctions the Jurassic Doritos
- New Yorker film critic gives a bizarre Incredibles 2 review
- LEGO designer creates a massive 6-foot tall Wayne Manor with Batcave
- Han Solo DL-44 blaster gets $550K in auction
- Evangeline Lilly burns male superhero actors who complain about their costumes
- Entitled whiners claim to be raising money to remake The Last Jedi
- More entitled whiners make a really sad "declaration" that they are rebelling from Lucasfilm
- True Star Wars fans, however, have a more reasonable statement

Podcast #231 - So About Solo...
Airdate: 10 Jun 2018

- My thoughts on Solo might not be what you thought
- Solo projection problems angers fans and industry veterans
- Solo globally crashes upon entry
- Solo is likely to be the first Star Wars movie to lose money
- Deadpool 2 continues to charge the box office
- Incredibles 2 is looking for a $140M domestic debut
- Rumor: Boba Fett movie is in the works
- Sadly, a Jared Leto Joker movie is in the works
- Wonder Woman 2 will take place in 1984
- Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy to leave Lucasfilm?
- Trailer: Ralph Breaks the Internet
- Taika Waititi can't wait to "piss off a lot of racists"
- Top Gun 2 production has started
- Rumor: The Crow remake loses Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy
- Six Billion Dollar Man pushed back, The Shining sequel gets a date
- Trailer: The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
- Rumor: The Cannonball Run might race again
- Shareholder vote for Disney/Fox merger set for July 10
- Comcast might actually be a less risky owner of Fox assets than Disney
- MoviePass parent buys Emmet Furla Oasis Films
- Trailer: Mortal Engines
- Red band trailer: The Happytime Murders
- Sorry, Sesame Street. Happytime Murders can keep their catchphrase
- Reese Witherspoon is coming back for Legally Blonde 3
- Clint Eastwood's next film involves the Mexican Cartels
- James Cameron is still bullish on 3D as long as it's native
- Job openings at The New Beverly in Los Angeles
- Maleficent 2 starts filming at Pinewood
- Universal will distribute Bond 25
- Rumor: Helena Bonham Carter eyed at Bond 25 antagonist
- Trailer: Peppermint
- Emilia Clarke says that "Nobody has a good time" making Terminator Genisys
- Gaming (mobile, console, PC) brought in $9 billion in April alone!

Podcast #230 - The Jerk With The Mouth
Airdate: 24 May 2018

- Deadpool 2 score is the first to earn Parental Advisory sticker
- The Matrix UHD Blu-ray is re-scanned from original 35mm elements
- 2001: A Space Odyssey gets a new 70mm release for 50th anniversary
- Superman star Margot Kidder dies at 69
- Deadpool 2 earns record $53.3M on opening Friday
- Infinity War becomes the 5th highest grossing film (w/o inflation)
- James Gunn is consistent: the next movie is Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3"
- Baby Groot congratulates Deadpool
- Lucasfilm says that a Lando spin-off is next...
- ...except that it's actually not
- Massive 7:1 aspect ratio Barco Escape comparison
- Teaser: Bohemian Rhapsody
- Harrison Ford apparently loves the Solo movie
- Kevin Feige "definitely sort of" confirms that Miss Marvel will be coming out
- Trailer: Mile 22
- John WOo is remaking The Killer with Lupita Nyong'o
- Trailer: Searching
- Spamalot is coming to the big screen
- Trailer: Mission Impossible: Fallout
- Halle Berry joins John Wick 3
- Universal announces three release dates including A Dog's Purpose sequel
- Trailer: Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
- Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter confirm that a new Bill & Ted is on the way
- Burt Reynolds is in talk to join DeCaprio in Tarantino's Charles Manson movie
- The LEGO Movie: The Second Part is the official sequel name
- Liam Neeson joins the Men In Black spinoff
- Baby Driver star Eiza Gonzales joins Kung Fury cast
- Trailer: The Spy Who Dumped Me
- Six Billion Dollar Man loses its director
- Sherlock Holmes 3 to be released in December 2020
- Teaser: The Predator
- Rumor: Rambo will go after the Mexican cartels next
- G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes is getting his own spinoff movie
- What does a video filmed with a 140-year-old lens look like? Pretty amazing actually.
- Margot Robbie wants her Harley Quinn movie to be an "R-rated girl gang film"
- How Star Wars Was Saved In The Edit
- Comcast to make an all-cash bid for Fox

Podcast #229 - The Gunstar Might Rise Again
Airdate: 3 May 2018

- Infinity War sets a new record with over $640M in its opening weekend
- Infinity War sets a number of records on its opening weekend
- Deadpool 2 tracking for $150M North American debut
- Russo Brothers say that Avengers 4 title should scare fans
- The new Guardians ship is named after rock legend Pat Benatar
- Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween will be released on Oct. 12, 2018
- CinemaCon - Extended footage shows when Han met Lando in Solo
- CinemaCon - Disney teases Lion King, Dumbo, and Aladdin
- CinemaCon - MPAA chief acts like piracy is a threat as he announces $40.6B box office
- CinemaCon - NATO Chief John Fithian says the movie biz doesn't need to be saved
- CinemaCon - Warner Bros. shows Aquaman footage
- CinemaCon - Jamie Lee Curtis shows the first trailer for Halloween
- CinemaCon - Universal shows trailer for Neil Armstrong picture First Man
- CinemaCon - J.J. Abrams shows Overlord and says that theatrical Cloverfield sequel is in the works
- CinemaCon - Fox releases synopsis for The Predator
- CinemaCon - Paramount announces that two Star Trek movies are in the works
- CinemaCon - Fox announces interactive movie CtrlMovie
- CinemaCon - For some reason, NATO is concerned about MoviePass and competitors
- Cinemacon - Paramount starts on A Quiet Place sequel
- CinemaCon - Jumanji sequel will be released in December 2019
- MoviePass can bring marginalized groups to theaters
- MoviePass subscribers see movies more often, go mid-week, and go alone
- Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark coming to theaters
- Star Trek 4 director S.J. Clarkson is the first woman to direct a Trek movie
- Annabelle: Creation sequel is in the works
- Aardman announces a Chicken Run sequel
- Trailer: Ant-Man and the Wasp
- Laika's fifth film to star Jackman, Saldana, and Galifianakis
- Sam Rockwell and Scarlett Johansson to star in Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit
- Trailer: Smallfoot
- Cinderella Blu-ray ruins detailed work of original animators
- Trailer: Venom
- Happy Death Day gets a sequel
- Trailer: Teen Titans GO! to the Movies
- The Angry Birds Movie 2 brings in new voices
- Gary Whitta wants to reboot The Last Starfighter
- David Leitch will direct Ubisoft's The Division
- Trailer: Terminal
- MoviePass buys Moviefone (yes, Moviefone still exists...)
- Australian theater plays horror trailer before Peter Rabbit (whoops...)

Podcast #228 - Still Under Warranty
Airdate: 20 Apr 2018

- FTC tells hardware makers to knock it off with the "Warranty Void" stickers
- Vizio will add Dolby Atmos to its soundbars
- A trade war with China might make some TVs more expensive
- Black Panther passes Titanic as #3 title of all time domestically
- Ready Player One reaches over $470M globally
- Diego Boneta joins the Terminator reboot cast...
- ...as does Columbian actress Natalia Reyes...
- ...and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Gabriel Luna
- Academy Award-winning director Miloš Forman dies at 86
- Hulu joins Spotify to offer a new bundle
- MoviePass joins with iHeartRadio for their own bundle
- James McAvoy and Bill Hader to star in It: Chapter Two
- Labyrinth returns to theaters for three days only
- Trailer: Ocean's 8
- John Ridley to write and direct The American Way
- Steven Spielberg will produce Blackhawk for DC
- Cathy Yan is in talks to direct Birds of Prey
- Grand Theft Auto V is the most financially successful media property of all time
- Trailer: Solo: A Star Wars Story
- F. Gary Gray will direct M.A.S.K., based on the '80s Kenner toys
- Trailer: Johnny English Strikes Again
- Long-awaited trailer: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
- Final Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
- Trailer: The Equalizer 2
- Toy Story 4 release date set for June 21, 2019
- Batgirl still on with Bumblebee writer
- Final trailer: Deadpool 2
- AMC will open Saudi Arabia's first theater after 35-year ban
- Saudi Arabias first post-ban movie will be Black Panther
- How We Killed The Green Screen
- Trailer: Unbelievable!!!!
- Fan makes a TIE fighter big enough to ride in

Podcast #227 - Boston Bound
Airdate: 3 Apr 2018

- CDs and vinyl are popular again
- Monty Python TV series and movies are coming to Netflix
- Some Philips UHD BD players get Dolby Vision firmware updates
- New TCL UHD HDR TVs arriving May 1st
- Ready Player One dominates the weekend with $53M
- Black Panther becomes the highest grossing superhero film
- The Greatest Showman crosses the $400M mark globally
- The Last Jedi is 2017's most profitable movie
- The list of biggest bombs of 2017 is not very surprising
- Oppo Digital decides to shut its doors
- Cannes Artistic Director explains why Netflix was banned from competition
- Colin Trevorrow will direct Jurassic World 3
- Grease returns to theaters for its 40th anniversary
- Captain Marvel has started production in LA
- Rumor: The Spice Girls might have greenlit an animated movie
- The stop motion animation behind Isle of Dogs
- Tiffany Haddish joins the case of LEGO Movie 2
- Multiple Star Trek 4 scripts are in development
- Jonathan Frakes doubts that Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek will be made
- Trailer: The Spy Who Dumped Me
- MoviePass drops the subscription price again
- Trailer: Deadpool 2
- Ant-Man and the Wasp will not be a rom-com
- Trailer: Tag
- Indiana Jones 5 will start filming in April 2019
- Peter Jackson is still directing Tintin sequel
- Tessa Thompson joins the cast of Men In Black spinoff
- The Last Jedi blooper reel looks to be painful

Podcast #226 - Oscars Shmoscars
Airdate: 17 Mar 2018

- The Oscars love Water and Billboards
- The Matrix is being released on UHD BD with a new 4K scan
- Samsung's new UHD TV is invisible ... sort of
- Black Panther crosses $1 billion globally
- Ready, Player One had a glitch at SXSW but it still rated well
- Denis Villeneuve is planning to make at least two Dune movies
- Patty Jenkins confirms that Kristen Wigg will be Cheetah
- Rumor: Spawn reboot might start filming in May
- New Joker movie sounds a lot like The Killing Joke
- Mackenzie Davis joins the Terminator reboot
- Bob Iger rules out a rebrand for Fox Searchlight
- Prequel movie to Sopranos is in the works
- The UK will get a copy of MoviePass called CPass
- Avengers: Infinity War bumped up a week sooner
- Rampage moves up a week in response
- Rumor: Logan's Run reboot gets Hunger Games writer
- Zack Snyder throws some shade at Superman's mustache removal failure
- Teaser: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
- Captain Marvel will be an homage to 90s action movies
- Trailer: The Grinch
- Live-action Mulan pushed back to 2020
- Danny Boyle confirms that he's directing Bond 25
- Ava Duvernay will direct Jack Kirby's The New Gods for WB/DC
- Final trailer: Avengers: Infinity War
- Advanced ticket sales for Infinity War dominate previous sales
- Teaser: Christopher Robin
- The Weinstein Company will undergo bankruptcy after all
- Trailer: Sorry To Bother You
- Someone put a Jason Voorhees statue in a Minnesota lake
- The Emoji Movie dominates the 38th Annual Razzies

Podcast #225 - Never Enough Monty Python
Airdate: 26 Feb 2018

- Sony releases prices for their TVs from CES
- Hisense's retro UHD TV has actual, working knobs
- Smart TVs continue to be security risks
- No naughty shows on Disney's streaming service (no surprise there)
- MoviePass cuts its price again and adds a Fandor subscription
- Circuit City launch delayed
- The Last Jedi will have 14 deleted scenes, 3D not available in the US
- Federal judge declares that Disney misused its copyrights
- Black Panther takes in $241.96M in its first 4-day weekend...
- ...while it sets additional records in its second weekend...
- ...and setting records in 33 80 AMC theaters
- Don't play Fifty Shades Freed when people expect Black Panther
- Ryan Coogler writes a letter of gratitude for Black Panther reception
- Jumanji breaks $900M globally
- Weinstein Co. talks collapse; will pursue bankruptcy
- Joss Whedon is no longer on the Batgirl project
- Mowgli and Robin Hood get PG-13 ratings
- Aquaman gets a test screen already; reportedly does well
- Jurassic World 3 already in the works
- Transformers will be rebooted after Bumblebee movie
- Michael Fassbender signs onto the Kung Fury movie...
- ...as does Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Jumanji sequel is (not surprisingly) in the works already
- Chris Hemsworth is done as Thor after Avengers 4 ... most likely
- Trailer: Incredibles 2
- Chris Columbus attached to Five Nights at Freddy's
- Game of Thrones creators will write new non-Skywalker Star Wars films
- Milla Jovovich to kick ass and take names in Hummingbird
- Sonic the Hedgehog coming to theaters on 15 Nov 2019
- The Force of Sound, a documentary on The Last Jedi audio

Podcast #224 - Dingly Dells and Wimbley Woos
Airdate: 10 Feb 2018

- Plex gives you a VR theater (if you have a Daydream compatible phone)
- ISPs will lose "safe harbor" status if they don't meaningfully crack down on uploaders
- YouTube TV app comes to Roku devices and TVs
- Redbox accuses Disney of cutthroat and anti-competitive tactics
- RED (yes, the camera company) will ship the Hydrogen One smartphone later this year
- Another media outlet agrees: you should keep buying Blu-rays and DVDs
- Justice League 3D Blu-ray announced
- Rumor: WB is planning a 50th anniversary UHD release of 2001: A Space Odyssey
- Is that 4K movie real or fake?
- Why are Ultra HD Blu-rays often sourced from 2K files?
- Darkest Hour breaks the $100M mark globally
- F. Gary Gray in talks to direct Men In Black spinoff
- Shigeru Miyamoto is co-producing a Mario movie
- Michael K. Williams and Esai Morales to co-star in Superfly remake
- Mike Flannigan will direct The Shining sequel
- A new movie is coming based on theWed Wabbit kids' books
- Rumor: Cloverfield 4 is already finished
- Chewbacca is the reason why the Expanded Universe was scrapped
- First look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
- MoviePass war against AMC escalates
- Donnie Yen confirms that Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation is progressing
- Screencraft Film Fund for $10-30K to adapt your screenplay
- Bad Boys sequel get director pair
- An Egyptian sphinx was found in California ... sort of
- Trailer: Pacific Rim Uprising
- Trailer: The Cured
- Trailer: Mama Mia! Here We Go Again
- Trailer: Ant-Man and the Wasp
- Teaser: Venom
- Trailer: Hereditary
- Trailer: Unsane (filmed entirely on iPhone)
- Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
- Trailer:Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
- Teaser: Solo: A Star Wars Story
- Trailer: Annihilation
- Trailer: Mission: Impossible Fallout
- Trailer: Deadpool 2
- Watch a $500 PC and artificial intelligence match expensive VFX
- Mission: Impossible Fallout behind-the-scenes helicopter stunt work

Podcast #223 - Jiffy GIFs
Airdate: 27 Jan 2018

- Convert your three-years-behind-in-updates T-Mobile Cell Spot to Asus RT-AC68U
- Anker's portable cinema-in-a-can is actually impressive
- New 8K glasses-free 3DTV at CES
- Justice League is coming to Blu-ray (UPDATE: 3D version for US now available for pre-order!)
- If you want the only extra deleted scene for Justice League, you have to buy from Walmart
- Coco coming to Blu-ray in February (3D versions announced for Europe)
- FilmStruck will go internationally over the next two years
- Thor: Ragnarok accidentally released for streaming a month early
- Jumanji is approaching $800 million globally
- A really bad summer makes US movie ticket sales drop 6%
- MoviePass no longer accepted in several AMC locations
- MoviePass creates a subsidiary to co-acquire films with distributors
- Redbox accuses Disney of copyright misuse to protect its upcoming streaming service
- The Shape of Water leads the Oscar nominations
- Get Out makes Oscar history
- Rian Johnson responds to two Last Jedi controversies
- Danny McBride is Crocodile Dundee's son
- Danny McBride is not Crocodile Dundee's son
- John Cena wants to be Duke Nukem
- Trailer: Tomb Raider
- Red band trailer: Super Troopers 2
- Rumor: Paramount might be trying to sell Cloverfield sequel to Netflix
- Trailer: A Wrinkle in Time
- Disney is working on a remake of Oliver!
- Flash movie to be directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters
- John Wick 3 director and returning characters announced
- Steven Spielberg is remaking West Side Story
- Warner Animations makes a deal for several Dr. Seuss movies
- 38th annual Razzie nominations announced

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