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Podcast #261 - Maclunkey
Airdate: 4 Dec 2019

- Google releases Stadia to crush your Internal bandwidth cap
- Stadia in 4K would top most bandwidth caps in ~60 hours
- What was that about discs being obsolete?
- Disney+ crops The Simpsons to 16:9, killing many visual jokes
- The Star Wars movies are on Disney+...
- ...however, George Lucas just can't leave them alone
- Disney will put up with you sharing your Disney+ password to a point
- VIZIO TV will soon support Disney+ streaming
- Frozen II has the biggest global opening for an animated movie
- All of the records that Frozen 2 has broken
- Charlie's Angels completely bombs at the box office
- Elizabeth Banks blames CA failure on "male genre" (yes, seriously)
- Joker continues, makes over $1B globally...
- ...making it the most profitable comic book movie of all time
- Despite huge amounts of clickbait, no Joker sequel is planned
- Doctor Sleep also fails...
- ...which sets it up to lose $20M+
- DOJ wants to end rules preventing studios from owning theaters
- They Shall Not Grow Old returns to theaters for three days only
- WB wants to reboot Rin Tin Tin
- She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel will appear in the MCU movies
- Marvel CEO didn't want to make Black Panther or Captain Marvel
- Mark Wahlberg in talks to join Uncharted
- Beverly Hills Cop sequels no longer theatrical, going to Netflix
- Sondheim musical Follies coming to the big screen
- Michael Jackson movie in the works
- Dwayne Johnson announces Black Adam
- Ben Affleck to direct Congo plunder movie King Leopold's Ghost
- Gal Gadot says to "Release the Snyder cut"
- Robocop Returns will be a sequel to the 1987 original
- Noah Hawley to write/direct the next Star Trek film

Podcast #260 - Let James Dean Stay Dead
Airdate: 11 Nov 2019

- Roku tries to clear out excess inventory by insulting Roku 2 owners
- BritBox launching in the UK after a deal with Channel 4
- Disney+ currently does not work with Linux
- WarnerMedia confirms HBO Max for $14.99 in May 2020
- Sony is shutting down the PlayStation Vue service
- Terminator: Dark Fate bombs; could lose $120+ million
- Joker comes closer to $1B globally
- Sony crosses the $1B domestically
- Bob Iger fires back at Martin Scorsese
- Kevin Feige weighs in on the Scorsese controversy
- Ken Loach compares Marvel films to hamburgers
- Martin Scorsese defends (and slightly backtracks) his opinion in NYT op-ed
- Idiot director wants to use James Dean CGI in a Vietnam-era movie
- Fantastic Beasts 3 moves forward
- Peyton Reed will be back for Ant-Man 3
- Into the Spider-Verse sequel set for 2022 release
- As the musical biopics continue, the Bee Gees are added to the list
- Game of Thrones duo exit from Star Wars trilogy
- AMC will run a 27-hour Star Wars marathon, concluding with Rise of Skywalker
- AMC boss refuses to put non-movie-related ads closer to feature
- Bill Condon and Stephen Schwartz team up for new Christmas Carol re-imaging
- Tom and Jerry live-action/CGI hybrid set for December 2020
- Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) is working on the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot
- Galaxy Quest 20-year documentary is heading to theaters
- Win a chance to go to the Skywalker premiere and have dinner with Mark Hammil
- Colin Farrell in talks to play The Penguin in The Batman
- Mel Gibson is back for action/thriller Leo from Toledo
- I Told You So - Disney is vaulting classic Fox movies
- Microsoft and WB archive Superman: The Movie onto a small piece of glass

Podcast #259 - The Purple Menace Returns
Airdate: 24 Oct 2019

- Higher-tier TCL Roku TVs appear exclusively at Best Buy
- Netflix support for older Roku players is ending
- PlayStation 5 details include a UHD-BD player (finally!)
- The Infinity Saga can be yours if you pay a LOT of money
- Shout! Factory releasing massive Abbott and Costello Blu-ray set
- AMC Theaters is now getting into streaming
- Joker has massive $234M global opening weekend...
- ...and has the best Monday in October...
- ...and the best Teusday in October...
- ..and breaks a lot of other records...
- ...and is on the way to being the top-grossing R movie ever
- Rumor: Jared Leto tried to stop Joker
- Final trailer: The Rise of Skywalker
- Scorsese yells at a cloud with statement that Marvel Movies are "not cinema"
- Taika Waititi and Kevin Smith respond
- Scorsese doubles-down saying that cinemas are being invaded by "theme park" films
- Natalia Portman disagree with Scorsese
- Francis Ford Coppola sides with Scorsese
- No American movie theater can show Gemini Man as intended
- Gemini Man faces a $75 million loss
- Jonah Hill is no longer interested in The Batman
- Deadpool writers waiting for the green light for Deadpool 3
- Kevin Feige is now Chief Creative Officer of Marvel
- Yahya Abdul-Mateen II circling Matrix 4...
- ...as is Neil Patrick Harris...
- ...and Jessica Henwick
- Trailer: Dolittle
- New Jack City screenwriter calls it a "sequel", not a "remake"
- Wesley Snipes doesn't like the idea of a new New Jack City movie
- Inspector Gadget remake in the works
- Jamie Lee Curtis announces the start of filming for Halloween Kills
- Paul Dano cast as The Riddle in The Batman
- Sam Raimi returns for a new horror movie
- The purple menace Barney the Dinosaur is coming back
- Len Wiseman to direct John Wick spinoff Ballerina
- Dreamwork Animation sets two new movies for 2021
- Trailer: 1917
- Apple to release original movies theatrically
- Hasbro takes Micronauts out of storage and brings in Dean DeBlois to direct

Podcast #258 - Deep Space Nine
Airdate: 5 Oct 2019

- Plex adds Lionsgate to ad-supported library
- Spider-Man returns to MCU for two movies
- Jon Watts in talks to return for third Spider-Man movie
- NYC and others add police for Joker release
- Aurora shooting victims are wary of Joker
- Landmark Theaters ban costumes at Joker screenings
- Warner Bros. claim that Joker is not a "hero"
- Eastwood's Richard Jewell movies will be released in December
- Trailer: Birds of Prey
- Travis Knight negotiating for Uncharted director seat
- Kevin Feige is developing Star Wars movies
- Rumor: Another Treasure Island adaptation is inbound
- A remake of The Princess Bride unifies the Internet in its hatred
- Obituary: Aron Eisenberg (1969-2019)
- How the greatest scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture was made
- Trailer: Black Christmas
- Dern, Neill, and Goldblum returning for Jurassic World 3
- Jason Bateman in talks to direct Clue remake
- Stallone thriller Samaritan opening in Fall 2020
- Trailer: The Gentlemen
- Rumor: New Jack City remake in the works
- Rumor: Jonah Hill in talks for villain role in The Batman
- Watch SDCC tribute to the Infinity Saga
- M. Night Shyamalan's next two movies due in 2021 and 2023
- WB is working on a movie with Funko collectible figurines
- House Party remake in the works
- Vinyl will outsell CD for the first time since 1986
- Sony releases a ridiculously expensive Walkman for its 40th anniversary
- Polaroid lets you take a photo .... of your phone screen

Podcast #257 - Thriving Theaters
Airdate: 19 Sep 2019

- Apple TV+ streaming service announced
- Roku is heading to Europe
- Vudu has a new option to censor movies
- Plex will offer ad-supported Warner Bros. movies
- Amazon announces new Fire TV soundbar, 2nd gen Fire TV Cube, 65-inch UHD Fire TV
- LG announces a stupid expensive 88-inch 8K TV
- LG and NVIDIA release a G-Sync compatible OLED TV for gamers
- NBCUniversal announces their new streaming service Peacock
- Battlestar Galactica will be rebooted for Peacock
- It Chapter Two earns the second highest worldwide opening for horror
- Disney dominated the summer box office
- The Goldfinch completely bombs; WB could lose $50M
- John Travolta's The Fanatic marks his fourth bomb in a row
- James Cameron is relieved that Endgame beat Avatar at the box office
- Paul Feig to head Dark Army for Universal
- Paramount to create new Valiant Comics universe with Harbinger
- Haley Atwell joins Tom Cruise for next Mission: Impossible
- Sony says that "the door is closed" on Spider-Man split ... for now
- MGM sets release date for Tomb Raider sequel
- James Gunn releases the full cast list for The Suicide Squad
- New "Filmmaker Mode" is coming to select TVs
- Major theater chains pass on The Irishman release
- Anthony Michael Hall joins Halloween Kills
- Face/Off is getting a remake for some reason
- MoviePass is shutting down for good
- How Endgame's visual effects were made
- Why is movie theater popcorn so expensive?
- Moviegoers want fewer trailers in theaters
- Ray Harryhausen models have been restored and will be on display in Scotland

Podcast #256 - In Defense of Sony
Airdate: 28 Aug 2019

- D23: The Rise of Skywalker sizzle reel
- D23: Cast claims that the Emperor is "very instrumental" to Rise of Skywalker
- D23: Lucasfilm releases a new canon Star Wars timeline
- D23: Disney+ episode will be released weekly, not all-at-once
- D23: Disney+ will offer four simultaneous streams and free UHD
- D23: Disney+ launch dates set for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Netherlands
- D23: Lady and the Tramp live-action remake will skip theaters, go directly to Disney+
- D23: Marvel adds to Eternals and confirms Black Panther II release date
- D23: Disney gives some Frozen II plot points
- D23: Pixar announces Soul
- D23: First look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil
- D23: Disney announces Raya and the Last Dragon
- The Lion King crosses $500M in the US
- Spider-Man: Far from Home becomes Sony's highest-grossing movie ever
- Toy Story 4 breaks $1B globally
- Sony confirms leak that there is no new deal with Marvel
- Kevin Feige confirms separation from Sony partnership
- Trailer: Terminator: Dark Fate
- Rumor: Henry Golding might star in G.I Joe spinoff Snake Eyes
- Disney might have a problem with Mulan release in China because of star's position on crackdown
- CBS and Viacom become one (again) which brings Star Trek back together
- Kevin Smith to bring He-Man to Netflix as a direct sequel to original series
- MoviePass confirms breach that might have exposed credit card numbers
- Trailer: Underwater
- Dan Trachtenberg exists Uncharted
- Joker gets hard R rating
- Final Trailer: Joker
- Bond 25 is now No Time To Die
- New Matrix movie is in the works
- Tracy Morgan joins Coming to America sequel
- New THX Deep Note Trailer
- Unlike how many predicted, streaming has augmented - not replaced - the theatrical experience
- It's time for a Best Stunts Oscar
- Avengers: Endgame VFX breakdown #1
- Avengers: Endgame VFX breakdown #2

Podcast #255 - 30 To 50 Feral Hogs
Airdate: 15 Aug 2019

- Disney streaming triple pack: Disney+, basic Hulu, and ESPN Plus
- Streaming segments further: Doctor Who heading to HBO Max
- It's A Wonderful Life get a fully remastered UHD release
- Endgame reportedly breaks FandangoNOW presale record
- The Lion King roars to the highest grossing animated film ever
- Recent gun violence prompts Universal to scrap The Hunt
- Disney reduces Fox output due to $170M loss
- Disney pulls Fox classic licensing from theaters
- New G.I. Joe spinoff in the works
- Coming to America sequel nabs Wesley Snipes...
- ...and James Earl Jones and Paul Bates...
- ...and Leslie Jones and Kiki Layne...
- ...and Arsenio Hall...
- ...and Shari Headley
- Trailer: Harriet
- The Witcher will not adapt the video games
- Universal dates the next two Halloween films
- Andy Serkis will indeed helm Venom 2
- Serkis and Hardy have "very clear ideas" on where to take Venom 2
- Regal Unlimited is reportedly very successful
- Rumor: MoviePass changed passwords to "slow down power users"
- Trailer: The Addams Family
- Annapurna is considering bankruptcy protection
- Spider-Man (2002) World Trade Center teaser restored to 4K
- Lord of the Flies remake gets a new director and loses the gender swap
- Fathom Event releases Star Trek: The Motion Picture for its 40th anniversary
- Ben Affleck movie The Way Back is pushed to March
- Ridley Scott to direct Matt Daemon and Ben Affleck in The Last Duel
- WB announces Elvis movie and pushes back Dune
- Chris Pine attached to portray Walter Cronkite
- Trailer: 1917
- James Wan returns to horror
- David Ayer will direct WWII tank battle thriller El-Alamein
- Teaser: Jojo Rabbit
- German studio still has props from Never Ending Story and others

Podcast #254 - SDCC 2019 Wrap-Up
Airdate: 31 Jul 2019

- UltraViolet has been shut down
- BritBox UK launch prices set
- The Lion King has the biggest box office opening for an animated movie
- Aladdin breaks the $1B global barrier...
- ...as does Spider-Man: Far From Home
- Avengers: Endgame finally beats Avatar (not counting for inflation)
- Yesterday success shows that smaller movies can still be a success
- SDCC 2019: Black Widow footage takes place after Captain America: Civil War
- SDCC 2019: Taika Waititi is back for Thor: Love and Thunder
- SDCC 2019: Blade to be rebooted with Mahershala Ali
- SDCC 2019: The Eternals gets some details
- SDCC 2019: Marvel gives details for Shang-Chi
- SDCC 2019: The full MCU release schedule for the next few years
- SDCC 2019: James Gunn is doing GotG 3 but he's still doing The Suicide Squad
- SDCC 2019: It Chapter Two director would love to remake The Howling
- SDCC 2019: Russo Brothers talk about their next movie Cherry
- SDCC 2019: Russo Brothers looking to tackle anime classic Battle of the Planets
- SDCC 2019: Star Trek news and highlights
- SDCC Trailer: Star Trek Picard
- SDCC 2019: The Walking Dead movie is coming to theaters
- SDCC 2019: Edward Furlong returning as John Connor for Terminator: Dark Fate
- The Lion King and Kimba similarity comes back
- Regal Unlimited monthly movie program launches
- Obituary: Rutger Hauer dies at 75
- Trailer: Cats
- Rumor: Andy Serkis might be the director for Venom 2
- 70mm print of original Star Wars recently seen in theater
- Trailer: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
- Red-band Trailer: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
- Trailer: 21 Bridges
- Trailer: It Chapter Two
- Trailer: Top Gun: Maverick
- Momentum grows for variable movie theater pricing
- Argnetinian filmmaker makes a 14-hour movie

Podcast #253 - Take A Chance [Fixed audio]
Airdate: 21 Jul 2019

- Warframe gets a cinematic intro from Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane)
- Viacom's Pluto TV gets classic Doctor Who episodes
- Another digital library goes dark - Sony shuttering ULTRA
- Quibi is the short-form startup with some big-name backers
- Stylistic but really difficult Cuphead is coming to Netflix
- Spider-Man: Far From Home gets the 270° treatment from ScreenX
- Lashana Lynch isn't playing Bond, but she is playing 007
- Halle Bailey will play Ariel in live-action The Little Mermaid
- Harry Styles is in talks to be Prince Eric
- VFX artists react to bad and good CGI
- Trailer: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
- Teaser: Mulan
- MoviePass shuts down "for several weeks"
- The Last Starfighter sequel is still in the works
- Teaser: The King's Man
- Austin Butler is Elvis for biopic from Baz Luhrmann
- Dexter Fletcher will direct Sherlock Holmes 3
- New Line to make ... I kid you not ... Space Invaders
- Momo, the subject of a viral hoax, to become a horror film
- Disney censors Toy Story 2 scene from streaming and recently-released 4K discs
- Disney-Fox merger now gives unfair advantage regarding theatrical release dates
- Looks Who's Talking reboot is in the works
- Taika Waititi will direct Thor 4
- Neill Blomkamp's RoboCop will use the original costume
- Next Tarantino movie will be his last, even if it's Star Trek
- Hasbro wants to make an amazing 27-inch Unicron, but needs pre-sales to commit

Podcast #252 - Murphy's Law
Airdate: 3 Jul 2019

- Samsung makes another case why "smart" TVs are a stupid purchase
- Samsung's Tizen is a security nightmare
- LG officially starts selling 8K TVs
- TV sales not slowing down from 8K (because 8K is dumb at this point)
- Streaming video has reached a saturation point
- Avengers: Endgame disc and streaming (and 3D) scheduled
- Toy Story 4 debuts with $118M domestic and $238M global opening
- Shaft and Men In Black International bomb at the box office
- Rumor: Infighting and no "urgency" doomed Men In Black International
- Bryan Singer replaced with Jill Soloway on Red Sonja
- "Bruce", the original Jaws shark, is fully restored
- Paramount is developing a new Paranormal Activity
- Cary Elwes is joining the Black Christmas remake
- New Alamo Drafthouse opens in July in Los Angeles
- Trailer: Killerman
- How an antique camera "flash gun" became iconic
- "New York" visible on the bottom of Luke's lightsaber in ESB
- Paul Rudd joins the Ghostbusters 2020 call
- Anthony Carrigan is the villain in Bill & Ted Face the Music
- Trailer: Jumanji: The Next Level
- Rumor: Regal Cinemas is preparing their own subscription program
- Joker will be rated R
- Teaser: Doctor Sleep
- Win a chance to join Daniel Craig on the set of Bond 25
- 2008 vault fire at Universal Studios prompts $150M class action lawsuit
- Myst is turning into a TV and film universe
- Allison Schroeder is set to write a Minecraft movie
- Lindsey Beer to bring Hello Kitty to the big screen
- Melissa McCarthy in talks to play Ursula in Little Mermaid remake
- Rumor: Taika Waititi to develop Flash Gordon
- Trailer: The Good Liar
- How Toy Story 2 was accidentally (then intentionally) deleted
- Religious group (of course) demands that Netflix cancel an Amazon show

Podcast #251 - Burning Down The House
Airdate: 13 June 2019

- Captain Marvel is coming to 3D Blu-ray on 15 July
- Remastered Stand By Me is getting a UHD Blu-ray release on Aug 27
- Remastered Gremlins is coming to UHD Blu-ray
- All MCU movies are will be remastered to 4K
- Is your UHD Blu-ray real 4K or fake 4K?
- Remastered Do The Right Thing is coming to theaters (including 35mm)
- Dark Phoenix is expected to lose over $100M
- Aladdin crosses $600M globally
- Sigourney Weaver insinuates that the original Ghostbusters crew is returning
- Shazam! spinoff Black Adam gets a director
- Wonder Woman gets a colorful new outfit for Wonder Woman 1984
- WB is skipping SDCC's Hall H this year
- Another setback for Bond 25 as an explosion injured a crew member
- Robert Pattinson is officially The Batman
- Duncan Jones wants Gaiman and Ramsey for a movie about his father, David Bowie
- Trailer: Ad Astra
- Uncharted with Tom Holland set for December 2020
- Paramount pushes G.I. Joe and ... and ...Micronauts
- Kevin Hart is remaking Scrooged
- The Muppet Movie returns to theaters
- Team Negative 1 is working on a 4K release of The Empire Strikes Back
- Teaser: Onward
- Tim Allen warns Tom Hanks about emotional Toy Story 4 ending
- Trailer: Frozen 2
- 100,000 master tapes were lost in 2008 Universal Studios fire
- Some of the musical artists whose masters were lost in the fire
- Win a chance to tour the Lord of the Rings set and WETA
- Rotten Tomatoes to implement "verified" audience ratings
- A Quiet Place sequel moves a few months ahead
- Spice Girls movie in the works at Paramount Animation
- Tarantino reiterates the desire to make an R-rated Star Trek
- Wes Studi becomes the first indigenous to get an Oscar
- Mark Ruffalo releases a compilation of behind-the-scenes videos from MCU movies
- You can rent the Avengers: Endgame cabin for $800/night

Podcast #250 - Pika Pika
Airdate: 26 May 2019

- Sharp is returning to the US market
- Samsung 2019 TVs will get Apple TV app via firmware
- Tariff's against China could raise certain TV prices
- The Shining is coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray with a new remaster
- What We Left Behind (Deep Space Nine documentary) is coming to disc on Aug 6
- Disney gains full control of Hulu in deal with Comcast
- John Wick: Chapter 4 is confirmed for May 2021
- John Wick video game is in the works
- Minions: The Rise of Gru is coming in July 2020
- Saw franchise is coming back courtesy of Chris Rock
- Next Star Wars trilogy will be from Game of Thrones showrunners
- Rumor: Knights of the Old Republic screenplay is being written
- Rumor: A Mortal Kombat reboot might be happening
- Daniel Craig undergoing ankle surgery from Bond 25 injury
- Sonic movie is being pushed back three months due to outcry
- Sony launches PlayStation Productions to adapt games to TV and film
- Teaser: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
- Taika Waititi's Akira remake is coming in Summer 2021
- Boss Baby 2 is in the works with original director
- Rumor: Robert Pattinson in the lead for The Batman
- Trailer: Angel Has Fallen
- Teaser: Terminator: Dark Fate
- Eurovision is eyeing coming to the U.S. ... sort of
- Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet is underway
- Trailer: Downton Abbey
- The Russo Brothers to produce Hemsworth/Haddish buddy cop movie
- Coming to America 2 pushed back; Chris Evans in talks to join Infinite
- Final Trailer: Dark Phoenix
- Trailer: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
- Darth Vader suit withdrawn from auction

Podcast #249 - Horizontal Hold
Airdate: 11 May 2019

- Samsung thinks younger people want a vertical TV
- SHOCK! Pirated streaming devices have malware in them
- Apollo 11 includes never-before-seen 65mm footage
- Avengers: Endgame crosses $2.2B globally...
- ...and becomes the biggest Hollywood release ever in India...
- ...and brings in the best Tuesday of any MCU movie...
- ...and has the biggest 3D opening of all time...
- ...and breaks a whole bunch of other records
- You can also get measles from Avengers: Endgame (VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!)
- The next phase of MCU movies
- End with Endgame studios are worried about the box office
- Awful Trailer: Sonic The Human Teeth Hedgehog
- Sonic trailer backlash prompts changes
- Detective Pikachu cinematographer has an .... interesting take on the Sonic trailer
- Charlie Chaplin's The Kid to be remade into something really bizarre
- Rumor: Dan Fogelman is now writing Indiana Jones 5
- Disney/Fox make a number of schedule changes, pushing Avatar sequels back
- Bob's Burgers hitting theaters in 2020
- Sinemia shuts down
- Francis Ford Coppola is releasing yet another Apocalypse Now cut
- Obituary: Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca, dies at 74
- Obituary: Pioneering Oscar nominee John Singleton dies at 51
- F. Gary Gray to direct Saints Row movie
- Fantastic Beasts 3 coming in 2021
- Trailer: Spider-Man: Far From Home (SPOLIER ALERT)
- Original Vader outfit from Empire Strikes Back is expected to get $1-2 million at auction

Podcast #248 - The Road To The Endgame
Airdate: 27 Apr 2019

- AT&T sells their Hulu share to Disney
- Rumor: Comcast is debating selling their Hulu share to Disney
- FCC warns about the use of non-compliant set-top boxes
- Sony launches a 98-inch 8K OLED for those with more money than sense
- Ghostbusters is getting a newly remastered UHD steelbook release
- AMC Theaters adds round-the-clock showings of Endgame
- Endgame breaks records in China with $107M opening day
- Endgame is expected to make a $900M global weekend
- Endgame sells out 4,000 showtimes and boosts Captain Marvel
- Easter weekend box office is the worst since 2003
- Hollywood hopes for a "Herculean reversal of fortune" after a bad box office slump
- Shazam! crosses $100M domestically
- Teaser: The Rise of Skywalker
- Star Wars movies to go on hiatus after Episode IX
- Disney+ launches in November at $7 per month
- Entire Star Wars franchise will be available on Disney+ .... with a major exception
- Trailer: Gemini Man
- Ben Affleck to star in and direct Ghost Army
- Trailer: Godzilla: King of Monsters
- Germany will get the largest IMAX screen ever
- Kate Beckinsale will play a homicidal bouncer in Jolt
- Al Pacino explains his love of Shakespeare in 1973 interview
- Sigourney Weaver celebrates Alien Day with kids who put on Alien production
- Knights of the Old Republic still could be a movie or series
- Masters of the Universe pushed back to 2020 for good reasons
- The Nun sequel gets a screenwriter
- The Academy board does not pass rules targeting Netflix
- Trailer: What We Left Behind
- Rumor: Tomb Raider sequel gets scriptwriter Amy Jump
- Tribute: Endgame cast sings We Didn't Start the Fire

Podcast #247 - Same As The Old Boss
Airdate: 12 Apr 2019

- YouTube TV is raising prices and adding channels that you might not want
- AT&T makes drastic changes and raises the prices of DirecTV Now
- T-Mobile's new TV service is called TVision Home
- Batman movies are being released on remastered Ultra HD Blu-ray
- Dumbo has a disappointing debut
- Captain Marvel shoots past the $1B global mark
- Avengers: Endgame is tracking for up to $250M domestic debut
- Shazam has a great $53M debut
- Paramount is preparing theaters for 120 frames-per-second Gemini Man
- New partnership formed to launch 120fps filmmaking
- New Mutants is coming to theaters after all
- MPAA says to embrace Netflix
- Grease prequel Summer Loving is in the works (No, I'm not kidding, but I wish I was)
- Teaser: Joker
- Rumor: Idris Elba will not play Deadshot in Suicide Squad sequel
- Trailer: What We Left Behind (Star Trek Deep Space 9 documentary)
- Dune has started filming
- Trailer: The Lion King
- Rumor: Netflix is looking to buy the historic Egyptian Theater
- US Dept of Justice warns the Academy over possibly excluding Netflix and other streamers
- AMC and Alamo Drafthouse will show all 22 Marvel movies in two-day marathon
- Judge allows MoviePass patent suit again Sinemia
- Sinemia faces a class action lawsuit over multiple complaints
- Mark Hamill will voice Chucky in Child's Play remake
- Rumor: Angelina Jolie is in talks to join Marvel's The Eternals
- 90s witch movie The Craft is being rebooted
- Keanu Reeves trains with former SEAL for John Wick 3
- New Jersey high school puts on amazing performance of Alien....
- ...and gets the attention of Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver, and others
- Irish Deep Space 9 fans want a statue of O'Brien in Dublin

Podcast #246 - Under the Gunn Again
Airdate: 23 Mar 2019

- Disney now owns Fox after $71.3 billion deal
- Fox employees need to expect "quite a bit of change"
- Layoffs have already started at Fox
- Rumor: Disney has already lied by shutting down Fox 2000
- Rumor: Disney is looking to buy AT&T's share of Hulu
- Disney "vaulted" movies will be on Disney+ (but I'll bet that won't include Song of the South)
- Comcast debuts Infinity Flex to bring some streaming to Internet-only customers
- BBC and ITV are bringing the BritBox to the UK
- LG releases pricing for new NanoCell UHD TVs
- Alien is being released on Ultra HD Blu-ray from new 4K masters
- Brie Larson popped into theaters for Captain Marvel premiere
- Captain Marvel is the top-grossing movie scored by a woman
- Global box office revenue sets a new record of $41B in 2018
- Disney realizes their stupidity and reinstates James Gunn
- James Gunn thanks the fans for their support
- New Suicide Squad will be a reboot, not sequel
- Wonder Woman 1984 is not being called a sequel
- Valiant Comics are bringing their characters to the big screen, starting with Bloodshot
- Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark will come to theaters in September 2020
- Anne Hathaway is on board for Sesame Street 2021 release
- Trailer: Aladdin
- Alan Tudyk plays another Disney bird as Iago in Aladdin
- Trailer: Doom: Annihilation (yes, seriously...)
- Rumor: Nicole Kidman is being considered for Cruella de Vil movie
- Rumor: Idris Elba is in talks to replace Will Smith as Deadshot
- Rumor: Toxic Avenger is being rebooted
- Bill and Ted announce Bill & Ted 3
- Netflix responds to Spielberg's push to bar it from the Oscars
- The new Terminator movie will be called Terminator: Dark Fate
- Jekyll and Hyde is moving from the stage to the big screen
- Trailer: Toy Story 4

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These podcasts contain opinions that might not reflect the opinions of all of the listeners. These things happen.

I try to verify each topic before recording the podcast; however, this information can change at any time after the podcast has been recorded.

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Mynd you, møøse bites Kan by pretty nasti...