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Theme music by Poets of the Fall. Used with permission.

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Podcast #177 - February Is Deadpool Month    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 1 Feb 2016

- RCA is releasing UHD Android TVs
- Sony is releasing an ultra-short throw projector
- Cult classic Labyrinth is reported to be getting a reboot...
- ...except that the writer vehemently denies that it's a reboot
- Star Wars: Episode VIII pushed back until December 2017
- Disney and the toy companies were completely wrong about Rey
- VFX breakdown of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- Conversation with Lucasfilm VFX supervisors
- Conversation with The Force Awakens on-set VFX supervisors
- More on the VFX for The Force Awakens
- That instant bread wasn't CGI but rather a practical effect
- Abu Dhabi creates a giant Starkiller base
- How actors are nominated for the Oscars
- Academy board endorses changes to increase diversity
- Gwendolyn Christie will be in the next Star Wars movie
- The Force Awakens might be released on Blu-ray in April
- VFX breakdown for The Martian
- Popeye reboot gets T.J. Fixman as its writer
- Jerry Bruckheimer is still pushing for Top Gun 2
- The Mummy remake is pushed back to June 9, 2017
- Star Trek gets a 50th anniversary convention in New York City
- Blade Runner 2 will start filming in July
- A tribute to 70mm projection of The Hateful Eight
- WB makes Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One release dates
- A first look at Wonder Woman
- Trailer: Suicide Squad
- Jumanji and Spider-Man dates get shifted
- Spider-Man will be released in IMAX 3D
- The new Fast and Furious will be called Fast 8
- Fast 8 filming will create the largest explosion in Iceland
- Flash Gordon reboot gets a new screenwriter
- Bruce Willis will have more than endcap scenes in Die Hard: Year One
- Not surprisingly, Deadpool will not be shown in China
- 10 Cloverfield Lane will be a "blood relative" of Cloverfield
- Ridley Scott is going for "a pretty hard R" for Alien: Convenant
- Assassin's Creed wraps up filming
- Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson love talking about 70mm film
- The DeLorean DMC-12 will be built again as a replica starting in 2017

Podcast #176 - Knock It Off, 2016!    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 18 Jan 2016

- Obituary: David Bowie, age 69
- Obituary: Alan Rickman, age 69
- High Dynamic Range was the main home theater topic at CES
- UltraHD alliance announces new logo for HDR-compliant UHD TVs
- LG shows their HDR-enabled OLED UHD TVs
- Sharp ad new parent company Hisense announce 47 new TV models
- Roku expands to more UHD TVs
- Samsung's UHD BD player will cost $499 but can be preordered for $399
- Sony will start to include Dolby Atmos on some UHD BD titles
- Shout! Factory announces its first UHD BD lineup
- Samsung's new SUHD TV lineup has ridiculously thin bezels
- Sony shows its own UHC HDR TVs that are also ridiculously thin
- DTS announces new hardware that will support DTS:X
- Philips adds HDR to their UHD lineup and also announce their UHD BD player at $399
- Kodak announces the first new Super 8 film camera since 1982
- Polaroid announces unlocked smartphones and UHD TVs
- TCL's new X1 implements Dolby Vision HDR
- LG and Samsung show off new 8K TVs
- Take your theater experience with you on a wearable theater system
- Akamai says that 15% of the world's broadband is ready for 4K streaming
- Netflix launched in 130 more countries
- Android-based TVs can get hit by a side-loaded Trojan
- The Force Awakens breaks Chinese debut record
- When adjusted for inflation, Gone With The Wind is still #1
- Hateful Eight 70mm roadshow breaks several theater records
- The Oscar nomination list is very white
- The Golden Globes prove that they're a sham by giving The Martian the Best Musical or Comedy award
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid coming to theaters for one showing on 20 Jan
- Colin Trevorrow talks about Rey's lineage
- Deadpool officially gets its R rating
- Ryan Coogler will direct Black Panther
- Sylvester Stallone will no longer play Rambo
- Michael Bay will direct Transformers 5
- Zach Snyder talks about Batman v Superman trailer plot complains
- Jesse Eisenberg talks about his portrayal as Lex Luthor
- Jamie Foxx lands the role of Little John in Robin Hood: Origins
- Del Toro says that Pacific Rim 2 is "still going"

Podcast #175 - A Very Star Wars Podcast    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 5 Jan 2016

- TFA breaks Christmas weekend records with $149M (domestic)...
- ...and New Year's Day at $34M (domestic)...
- ...and over $1.5B (global)
- The Force Awakens broke 32 records within one week of opening
- The Revenant and Hateful Eight do very well in their limited releases
- Domestic box office breaks the $11B record
- Globally, box office revenue hits a record $38B
- Hateful Eight pirates apologize then claim that they helped sales
- Fan-made modern trailer: The Empire Strikes Back
- The original Star Wars trilogy matte paintings are still amazing
- A dedicated fan spends a year to build a 7,500-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon
- Warner will support Ultra HD Blu-ray at launch
- Get a small look at the new Batcave for Batman v Superman
- Video and photos from the set of Wonder Woman
- Marvel releases new Doctor Strange images
- Mads Mikkelsen gets to be the as-yet-unnamed baddie in Doctor Strange
- Christopher Nolan's next movie will be based on the evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII
- Win a chance to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in IMAX
- Rob Zombie is not happy with the MPAA's rating for his new crowdfunded movie 31
- Red-band trailer: Deadpool
- Green-band trailer: Deadpool
- The top most-pirated movies of 2015

Podcast #174 - The Force Has Definitely Awakened    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 24 Dec 2015

- The Force Awakens first major record is the highest-grossing Thursday night...
- ...followed by being the first movie to make $100M in one day...
- ...and the largest Sunday-only box office...
- ...leading up to a massive $529M global weekend opening...
- ...and continues the record streak into the largest Monday on record
- Yet TFA supposedly needs $1.5B to be considered a "success" (yes, seriously!)
- TFA also break Fandango records for all-time tickets sold for a single movie
- Unfortunately, not everyone has a good opening if projectors break down
- Nerds (myself included) fall in love as Channel 5's weather presenter drops 12 Star Wars puns in forecast
- The Hateful Eight has its national rollout pushed up a week early
- Will The Hateful Eight's 70mm roadshow impact the future of film?
- Kodak's film division returns to profitability, thanks to Hollywood and other filmmaker demands
- Leaked Hateful Eight screener traced back to Hollywood executive
- A black-and-white version of Mad Max: Fury Road might be coming in 2016
- Trailer: Star Trek Beyond
- Even Ensign Crusher (Wil Wheaton) wasn't happy about that Star Trek Beyond trailer...
- ...nor was the was the new Scotty (Simon Pegg)
- J.J. Abrams gives a mea culpa for Star Trek Into Darkness
- Terminator 2 will be re-released in 3D
- A new Ghostbusters reboot pic is released
- The Library of Congress releases the 2015 entries into the National Film Registry
- Paramount and Hasbro are teaming up for a new movie universe around G.I. Joe and others
- Trailer: Independence Day: Resurgence
- Trailer: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
- Trailer: X-Men Apocalypse

Podcast #173 - George Lucas Is Still Wrong    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 11 Dec 2015

- Models and miniatures of the original Star Wars trilogy
- George Lucas still defends changing Greedo to shoot first...
- ...but he's still wrong as shown in one of the original scripts
- Carrie Fisher thinks that removing Slave Leia from the shelves is dumb (and she's right)
- Alamo Drafthouse in Omaha turns into a Star Wars-themed theater
- Really expensive Star Wars ice cream is available
- Star Trek Beyond trailer will be shown with The Force Awakens
- Spielberg says that only Harrison Ford will play Indiana Jones
- The screenplay for Inside Out is available for free for a limited time (PDF)
- Over 100 free, legal movie screenplays are available for download
- Scorsese and DiCaprio will tackle the story of America's first serial killer
- Sex and swearing remain the biggest taboo for American parents; blood and guts are still okay
- Trailer: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
- Spectre becomes the second highest-grossing Bond movie
- Featurette: Ultra Panavision in The Hateful Eight
- Zach Galligan says that Gremlins 3 is coming out and it will be a genuine sequel, not a reboot
- Studio and director for Gods of Egpyt apologize for the distinctly non-Middle-Eastern cast
- Trailer: Captain America: Civil War
- Video: Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag
- Gal Gadot verifies that filming for Wonder Woman has started
- Models and miniatures of Blade Runner

Podcast #172 - Betamax Is Dead, Long Live Betamax    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 23 Nov 2015

- Time Warner Cable tests using Roku as a cable box replacement
- Sony will finally end the manufacture of Betamax videotapes
- PlayStation Vue comes to Amazon devices, but is still absent from Android
- Sony announces its first list of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles
- Steve Jobs is dropped from over 2,000 theaters due to poor box office showings...
- ...as is Jem and the Holograms (I called this one!)
- The Tomb Raider reboot gets a director
- Gambit will be a "sexy thriller" .... what??
- Fast & Furious spin-offs are in the works
- Prometheus 2 is now called Alien: Paradise Lost Alien: Covenant
- Michael Moore blasts the MPAA for giving an R rating to his next movie
- Trailer: Kung Fu Panda 3
- Mark Hamill all but confirms that Luke will be in Star Wars Episode VIII...
- ...but he does say that there is a major plot twist in Episode VII
- Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back and you can help
- The Han Solo 2018 movie will be Lawrence Kasdan's last Star Wars movie
- Watch Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland in London with a live orchestra and choir
- The Gods of Egypt are ... really, really Caucasian and cheesy
- Thanks, Ray: A tribute to Ray Harryhausen
- Peter Jackson confesses that "I didn't know what the hell I was doing" with The Hobbit
- Trailer: The Hateful Eight
- Kodak is sponsoring a Super 8 filmmaking challenge
- Seiko is releasing Ripley's Aliens watch in a limited run
- Spectre sets a Guinness World Record for the biggest movie explosion
- Activision Blizzard creates their own movie studio to bring Call of Duty and Skylanders to theaters
- The Witcher movie coming to theaters in 2017
- Statue of Lenin is changed to Darth Vader in Ukraine
- A look inside ANA's R2-D2 787 Dreamliner

Podcast #171 - The Bald Explorer Returns    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 8 Nov 2015

- Ant-Man Blu-ray to be released on December 8
- You can now legally hack your TV
- Disney makes a deal with Sony to put several ESPN and Disney channels on PlayStation Vue
- A new Star Trek TV series is coming in 2017, but it will be locked behind a CBS pay wall
- Spectre released to $80M debut in the UK
- It's official: Pan is a failure, even in China
- Sherlock Victorian episode will be released theatrically
- Elizabeth Banks will direct Pitch Perfect 3
- Broadway musical hit Wicked is coming to theaters
- I called it! Pepsi screwed up the second Pepsi Perfect sale as well
- Trailer: New, international The Force Awakens trailer
- Trailer: Warcraft
- Spectre opens to $70M debut in US with The Peanuts Movie in 2nd
- Fox agrees to a multi-picture deal with IMAX
- New character posters for The Force Awakens ... but Luke is still missing
- Please support my friend Richard Vobes, The Bald Explorer
- Alien 5 is on hold due to Prometheus 2
- More Suicide Squad photos
- Billy Bob Thornton is returning in Bad Santa 2
- Creed already has a sequel planned
- Kickstarter: Dragon's Lair
- Kickstarter: ShortFellas
- Sandra Bullock to lead an all-female reboot of Ocean's Eleven
- Six Billion Dollar Man getting a 2017 reboot

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