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Theme music by Poets of the Fall. Used with permission.

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Podcast #193 - Leaving On A Jet Plane    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 15 Oct 2016

- Netflix goes down and people can't handle it
- Hitachi to release UHD Roku TVs
- FilmStruck to launch with TCM and Criterion releases
- Google formally announces the Chromecast Ultra
- Suicide Squad will get an extended release after all
- Affleck announces new Batman movie as The Batman ... but we knew that
- Trailer: Rogue One
- Live action Mulan will not have "white guy saves the day" syndrome
- Mulan get a Nov 2018 release date
- David Prowse will no longer attend international fan conventions
- Last Wolverine movie will be simply called Logan
- Assassin's Creed given a running time of 140 minutes
- Universal purchases option for Gear of War movie
- Wallace & Gromit creators releases teaser for Early Man
- Logan villain will be Donald Pierce
- What happened to Poe Dameron on Jakku? Play LEGO Star Wars: TFA to find out
- Finding Dory crosses $1B worldwide
- Ocean's 8 to be released in summer 2018
- Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel's name
- Teaser: John Wick 2
- Teaser: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
- Justice League sizzle reel
- New click-bait controversy about Power Rangers (use an ad blocker before clicking)
- Wonder Woman director says the movie takes after Richard Donner's Superman
- Trailer: Underworld: Blood Wars
- Trailer: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
- Trailer: The Great Wall
- John Wick 3 is already in the works
- STX plans a spinoff of Bad Moms called Bad Dads
- Guy Ritchie is in negotiations for live-action Aladdin
- Russian photographer makes an amazing animation from early 1900s American photos

Podcast #192 - Not A Pumpkin-Flavored Podcast    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 2 Oct 2016

- Rumor: Chromecast Ultra will be announced in a few days
- Amazon announces a new Fire TV stick
- Roku refreshes their entire player line
- Xiaomi Android TV box shows up early
- OPPO will release their first Ultra HD BD player
- Sony discs will start to support Auro-3D
- Sully crosses $100M in the US
- Idiocracy fittingly comes back to theaters on Oct. 5
- Young Frankenstein gets a one-day showing on Oct 4
- John Wick 2 teaser poster is released
- John Wick 2 director promises twice as much action
- Trailer: Hacksaw Ridge
- TW cheif admits there's "room for improvement in DC Comics movies (duh!)
- Trailer: The Red Turtle
- Pacific Rim 2 starts shooting in November
- Depp, Ridley, Dench and more board the Orient Express...
- Teaser: Smurfs: The Lost Village
- Rumor: Mad Max: The Wasteland to begin shooting w/ backstory on Furiosa
- Justin Lin is driving the Hot Wheels movie
- Original E.T. poster artwork to go on auction
- Red band trailer: Bad Santa 2
- Trailer: Passengers
- Ghost in the Shell footage is released
- Karen Gillan responds to Jumanji outfit backlash
- The Lion King is being remade by Jon Favreau
- Fruit Ninja movie is coming
- Scorsese's Silence gets a limited release in December
- Trailer: Fences
- Paramount expects to lose $115M on a movie that isn't even out yet

Podcast #191 - Cutting That Cord    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 17 Sep 2016

- Plex now integrates over-the-air DVR with HDHomeRun digital tuner
- Rumor: Xiaomi will release a sub-$100 Android TV set-top box
- STUPID! Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro will NOT play Ultra HD Blu-rays
- That black-and-chrome version of Mad Max: Fury Road is coming to in December
- Ghostbusters (2016) get a weird name change and weirder release schedule for the discs
- Bad Moms breaks the $100M barrier
- Suicide Squad crosses $700M globally
- Ben Hur crashes his chariot hard with a $120M loss
- Carrie 40th anniversary gets a 1970s prom in its honor
- Joe Manganiello will be Deathstroke in next Batman movie
- All Manhattan AMC theaters switch to reserved seating
- Adam Driver talks about the Star Wars Ep. VIII script
- Turner gains broadcast rights for 10 Star Wars movies
- See the new Imperial astromech C2-B5
- More background about Mads Mikkelsen's character in Rogue One revealed
- Uncharted movie is apparently shelved for the time being
- Shin Godzilla is coming to the US in limited run in October
- MI:6 to start pre-production again in the spring
- High Noon remake in the works
- Dax Shepard will direct the upcoming Scooby-Doo animated movie
- Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge gets a huge standing ovation at Venice
- Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- You can own one of the Batpods for a hecka-lot of money
- It's very unlikely that Sony offered $150M to Daniel Craig to play Bond again
- Shia LaBeouf thinks people blame him for Crystal Skull
- Trailer: Underworld: Bloodwars
- The UK gets to see Doctor Strange a few days earlier than before
- Ryan Potter really wants to play Robin aside Ben Affleck
- IBM's Watson AI generates its own Morgan trailer

Podcast #190 - We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 1 Sept 2016

- Gene Wilder dies at 83
- Family statement regarding Gene Wilder
- Sony's UTRLA 4K streaming is coming to PCs with 7th-gen Intel CPUs
- Affordable LG Minibeam projectors are coming in the next few months
- Roku is abandoning the numbering scheme with their upcoming hardware
- The Hobbit and LotR are getting a ridiculously expensive collector's set
- Suicide Squad could break $700M by the end of its run
- Maze Runner: The Death Cure should resume production in February
- Deathstroke will be the villain in The Batman
- Terminator 2 will be released theatrically in 3D
- Chinese audiences are not happy with the 3D release of Jason Bourne
- Mark Hamill says that Luke will be around for Episode 9
- Angry Birds Movie sequel is in the works
- The NeverEnding Story is returning to the big screen
- Birth of a Nation screening postponed
- Karen Gillan joins the cast of Jumanji
- DreamWorks Animation is now owned by (ugh) Comcast
- Anna Kendrick wants to be Squirrel Girl
- Trailer: Kidnap
- Michael Fassbender says that Alien: Covenant will return to its horror roots
- This is as close to an apology for Star Trek V as you'll probably get
- Duncan Jones would love to direct a Warcraft sequel
- Rumor: Transformers: The Last Knight find its King Arthur
- What was Thor doing during Captain America: Civil War?

Podcast #189 - I Still Don't Understand What Critics Want    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 19 Aug 2016

- The Force Awakens finally gets its 3D Blu-ray announcement
- New consoles force a drop of UHD BD player prices
- New 4K transfer of The Transformers: The Movie is coming to Blu-ray
- Lionsgate will release 80s Vestron Horror Classics
- Suicide Squad sets records on its first Tuesday
- David Ayer effectively says, "I did what I wanted to do" regarding Suicide Squad
- Interview with David Ayer regarding Suicide Squad
- Ghostbusters likely to have a $70M loss at the box office
- Anne Hathaway and Rhianna join Oceans Ocho
- Rebel Wilson to lead in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake
- Rumor: Man of Steel sequel is in active development
- Captain Marvel's origin story will be different from the comics
- Universal to release a live-action Curious George
- NYU and Kodak will offer 35mm film and production costs to six graduate students
- Trailer: Rogue One
- Splash is getting a gender-swapping remake
- Trailer: Arrival
- Assassin's Creed's leap of faith isn't CGI
- Fantastic Beasts already has a sequel
- Teaser: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
- The Secret Life of Pets 2 gets a 2018 release date
- Trailer: The Great Wall
- The Division gets Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal
- Parody (I hope) - Someone claims that Suicide Squad trailers amount to false advertising and will sue WB

Podcast #188 - SDCC 2016 Roundup    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 31 July 2016

- A Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Upgrade Story
- Suicide Squad is tracking for a $125M debut
- Brie Lasron is Captain Marvel
- Trailer: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
- Trailer: Doctor Strange
- Trailer: The LEGO Batman Movie
- Trailer: Wonder Woman
- Trailer: Suicide Squad
- Trailer: Kong: Skull Island
- Trailer: The Mangificent Seven
- Trailer: Star Trek Beyond Barco Escape
- Trailer: Blair Witch
- James Gunn introduced Taserface and the Ravagers
- James Gunn explains why he doesn't release Comic Con footage (and I still think he's wrong)
- Avatar is now getting three sequels instead of two
- Mark Hamill panel at Star Wars Celebration
- John McTiernan hates Captain America and other modern blockbusters
- Taika Waititi explains why he cast Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
- Avengers 3 is officially titled Avengers: Infinity War
- New Wonder Woman photos
- Star Trek 4 will play with time travel again with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth
- Rogue One Celebration Reel
- Legion M - the first Hollywood Studio to be owned by fans
- The Rocketeer is getting rebooted
- Ghostbusters is the perfect example of how Internet movie ratings are broken
- That's all, folks! VHS is now officially dead as the last players are made
- Artist makes VHS cover art for modern movies

Podcast #187 - Nothing In Particular    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 14 July 2016

- Replacements for Wrath of Khan retail discs will have UPCs with yellow backgrounds
- Ultra HD disc sales are doing better than expected as disc haters weep
- New UHD TVs from Sony will start off below $1,000
- Panasonic will offer a new UHD BD player that caters to audiophiles
- This chart gives guidelines to determine if you will benefit from a UHD TV
- Netflix will be raising prices for streaming to $9.99
- If you want a Plex server, you might want to consider an NVIDIA SHIELD Media Server
- Finding Dory passes Captain America as the biggest box office for 2016
- That black-and-white version of Mad Max will be coming out ... in Germany
- Paul Feig wants you to see Ghostbusters in IMAX 3D
- Ghostbusters will have an extended cut on Blu-ray
- Ex-Ubisoft CEO launches a studio specifically for video game movies
- New Tomb Raider movie is coming in 2018
- Corey Feldman thinks that Goonies 2 isn't going to happen
- After Incredibles 2, don't expect any more Pixar sequels for until around 2030
- Pacific Rim 2 gets a release date of Feb. 23, 2018
- Wreck-It Ralph 2 set for March 9, 2018
- New VFX lawsuit might delay upcoming Hollywood movies
- Trailer: Morgan
- Poster: The Magnificent Seven
- Rogue One might not have the classic title crawl
- Star Wars Celebration Europe to be live-streamed
- New Suicide Squad character photos
- Trailer: Star Trek Beyond
- Making money is not the priority for the Assassin's Creed movie
- Minecraft to be released on May 25. 2019
- The Killing Joke will be available in select theatres for July 25 only
- Google Play will implement a type of family sharing plan, but it's still kind of lame
- Tom Holland releases a selfie on-set showing off the new web spinners
- Aliens 30-year reunion planned for Comic-Con
- The only 35mm print of the incorrectly-called Turkish Star Wars has been found

Podcast #186 - Listen Up, Save A Life    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 27 June 2016

- PlayStation Vue is now on the Roku
- Batman v Superman is the first title to get a triple-layer, 100GB UHD Blu-ray
- China has pushed Warcraft to be the highest grossing videogame movie ever
- Captain America: Civil War is the first 2016 movie to cross $400M domestically
- Obituary: Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin dies at 27
- Justice League movie will actually be one movie yet a part of two
- Official Justice League synopsis and logo (which is kind of lame) released
- Wicked movie to be released in December 2019
- 16 new photos from Rogue One have been released
- Darth Vader and James Earl Jones are confirmed for Rogue One
- Duncan Jones defends Warcraft in a very odd interview
- Paramount offers replacements for botched Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Director's Cut Blu-ray
- Chris Pine: "You can't make a cerebral Star Trek in 2016"
- Major Rumors: No, Luke is not Rey's father
- Deadpool ends its domestic theatrical run with $363 million
- Dean Delvin needs to reboot Stargate so that he can properly finish the story
- Trailer: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
- Sony gives dates for new family movies
- George Lucas withdraws his museum from Chicago citing group's desire to "preserve a parking lot"
- Beverly Hills Cop 4 nabs two Belgian directors
- Spielberg promises to not kill off Indy in the next Indiana Jones movie
- Helen Mirren wants to drive fast in Fast 8
- Conjuring 2 spinoff The Nun is in the works
- Featurette behind the chariot race for the new Ben Hur
- UK group offers a workshop for filming in 8mm and 16mm
- Trailer: Pete's Dragon
- The new Ghostbusters theme is really quite horrible

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