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Podcast #225 - Never Enough Monty Python
Airdate: 26 Feb 2018

- Sony releases prices for their TVs from CES
- Hisense's retro UHD TV has actual, working knobs
- Smart TVs continue to be security risks
- No naughty shows on Disney's streaming service (no surprise there)
- MoviePass cuts its price again and adds a Fandor subscription
- Circuit City launch delayed
- The Last Jedi will have 14 deleted scenes, 3D not available in the US
- Federal judge declares that Disney misused its copyrights
- Black Panther takes in $241.96M in its first 4-day weekend...
- ...while it sets additional records in its second weekend...
- ...and setting records in 33 80 AMC theaters
- Don't play Fifty Shades Freed when people expect Black Panther
- Ryan Coogler writes a letter of gratitude for Black Panther reception
- Jumanji breaks $900M globally
- Weinstein Co. talks collapse; will pursue bankruptcy
- Joss Whedon is no longer on the Batgirl project
- Mowgli and Robin Hood get PG-13 ratings
- Aquaman gets a test screen already; reportedly does well
- Jurassic World 3 already in the works
- Transformers will be rebooted after Bumblebee movie
- Michael Fassbender signs onto the Kung Fury movie...
- ...as does Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Jumanji sequel is (not surprisingly) in the works already
- Chris Hemsworth is done as Thor after Avengers 4 ... most likely
- Trailer: Incredibles 2
- Chris Columbus attached to Five Nights at Freddy's
- Game of Thrones creators will write new non-Skywalker Star Wars films
- Milla Jovovich to kick ass and take names in Hummingbird
- Sonic the Hedgehog coming to theaters on 15 Nov 2019
- The Force of Sound, a documentary on The Last Jedi audio

Podcast #224 - Dingly Dells and Wimbley Woos
Airdate: 10 Feb 2018

- Plex gives you a VR theater (if you have a Daydream compatible phone)
- ISPs will lose "safe harbor" status if they don't meaningfully crack down on uploaders
- YouTube TV app comes to Roku devices and TVs
- Redbox accuses Disney of cutthroat and anti-competitive tactics
- RED (yes, the camera company) will ship the Hydrogen One smartphone later this year
- Another media outlet agrees: you should keep buying Blu-rays and DVDs
- Justice League 3D Blu-ray announced
- Rumor: WB is planning a 50th anniversary UHD release of 2001: A Space Odyssey
- Is that 4K movie real or fake?
- Why are Ultra HD Blu-rays often sourced from 2K files?
- Darkest Hour breaks the $100M mark globally
- F. Gary Gray in talks to direct Men In Black spinoff
- Shigeru Miyamoto is co-producing a Mario movie
- Michael K. Williams and Esai Morales to co-star in Superfly remake
- Mike Flannigan will direct The Shining sequel
- A new movie is coming based on theWed Wabbit kids' books
- Rumor: Cloverfield 4 is already finished
- Chewbacca is the reason why the Expanded Universe was scrapped
- First look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
- MoviePass war against AMC escalates
- Donnie Yen confirms that Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation is progressing
- Screencraft Film Fund for $10-30K to adapt your screenplay
- Bad Boys sequel get director pair
- An Egyptian sphinx was found in California ... sort of
- Trailer: Pacific Rim Uprising
- Trailer: The Cured
- Trailer: Mama Mia! Here We Go Again
- Trailer: Ant-Man and the Wasp
- Teaser: Venom
- Trailer: Hereditary
- Trailer: Unsane (filmed entirely on iPhone)
- Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
- Trailer:Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
- Teaser: Solo: A Star Wars Story
- Trailer: Annihilation
- Trailer: Mission: Impossible Fallout
- Trailer: Deadpool 2
- Watch a $500 PC and artificial intelligence match expensive VFX
- Mission: Impossible Fallout behind-the-scenes helicopter stunt work

Podcast #223 - Jiffy GIFs
Airdate: 27 Jan 2018

- Convert your three-years-behind-in-updates T-Mobile Cell Spot to Asus RT-AC68U
- Anker's portable cinema-in-a-can is actually impressive
- New 8K glasses-free 3DTV at CES
- Justice League is coming to Blu-ray (UPDATE: 3D version for US now available for pre-order!)
- If you want the only extra deleted scene for Justice League, you have to buy from Walmart
- Coco coming to Blu-ray in February (3D versions announced for Europe)
- FilmStruck will go internationally over the next two years
- Thor: Ragnarok accidentally released for streaming a month early
- Jumanji is approaching $800 million globally
- A really bad summer makes US movie ticket sales drop 6%
- MoviePass no longer accepted in several AMC locations
- MoviePass creates a subsidiary to co-acquire films with distributors
- Redbox accuses Disney of copyright misuse to protect its upcoming streaming service
- The Shape of Water leads the Oscar nominations
- Get Out makes Oscar history
- Rian Johnson responds to two Last Jedi controversies
- Danny McBride is Crocodile Dundee's son
- Danny McBride is not Crocodile Dundee's son
- John Cena wants to be Duke Nukem
- Trailer: Tomb Raider
- Red band trailer: Super Troopers 2
- Rumor: Paramount might be trying to sell Cloverfield sequel to Netflix
- Trailer: A Wrinkle in Time
- Disney is working on a remake of Oliver!
- Flash movie to be directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters
- John Wick 3 director and returning characters announced
- Steven Spielberg is remaking West Side Story
- Warner Animations makes a deal for several Dr. Seuss movies
- 38th annual Razzie nominations announced

Podcast #222 - Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Airdate: 14 Jan 2018

- HDR 10+ specification announced
- CES: NVIDIA announces a TV for PC gamers
- CES: HTC reveals a new 3K Vive Pro VR headset
- CES: Samsung's The Wall is an amazing 146-inch monster
- CES: LG shows the first 88-inch 8K OLED display
- CES: Sony releases a new local dimming LCD TV
- CES: Sony's A8F OLED TV turns the screen into the speaker
- CES: Westinghouse introduces its UHD Android TV line
- CES: Hisense shows its new Android TVs with Google Assistant
- CES: LG Display's new OLED can roll up
- CES: MirraViz Multiview screen allows for different content to different viewers on the same screen
- CES: Circuit City announces a relaunch
- CES: Panasonic shows their new 2018 Ultra HD Blu-ray players
- CES: Razer unveils "Project Linda": a phone-powered laptop
- CES: Moviphone looks good and can project movies as well
- If you want Thor: Ragnarok in 3D, you'll have to buy the disc from the UK
- The Last Jedi gains the #12 spot on the all-time global box office list
- The Last Jedi dropped in 92% of Chinese screens in its second week
- It breaks $700M globally
- Golden Globes winners list
- Black Panther takes the record for fastest pre-sales at Fandango
- Hulu now at 17 million US subscribers
- MoviePass grows 50% in less than 30 days to 1.5M subscribers
- Kodak releases an app to find out what local movies are being played on film
- Gore Verbinski leaves the Gambit movie
- Fox moves release dates for X-Men,Deadpool 2, and others
- Rumor: Black Widow movie is finally gaining momentum
- Warner Bros. gets a shake-up and loses the committee for DC
- WB/DC confirm that Shazam! will be released on April 5, 2019
- Trailer: Red Sparrow
- The Dark Crystal returns to theaters in February
- Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Tarantino's Manson movie
- Gag reel: Thor: Ragnarok with Taika

Podcast #221 - The Abuse Begins
Airdate: 07 Jan 2018

- Northeastern US ISP threatens customers if they're suspected of file sharing
- Netflix joins Inernet Association's effort tosave Net Neutrality
- New York looking at prohibiting Net Neutrality violators from bidding on contracts
- CBS joins Amazon Channel ... but adds some commercials
- Roku adding Voice Assistant to TCL and Funai TVs
- Circuit City to come back at CES
- FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cancels CES appearance
- ViewSonic announces an UltraHD projector for $1499
- LG's first UHD projector gives 150-inch screen
- Worldwide box office hit $39.92B in 2017
- The Last Jedi crosses $1.2B globally
- The Criterion Collection releases The Breakfast Club
- No, John Williams is not writing the score for Solo
- Teaser: Mortal Engines
- Teaser: Wreck-It Ralph 2
- Ridley Scott thinks Alien franchise should be as big as Star Wars
- Trailer: Slender Man
- The Wonder Woman sequel will be "totally different"
- DC Movies gets a new president
- Trailer: The Public
- Untitled Cloverfield movie pushes (again) to April
- Trailer: Death Wish
- Sale of Weinstein Company is close
- Animaniacs coming to Hulu with two new seasons
- Harry Potter museum is coming to New York
- Led by Guardians soundtrack, US cassette sales increase by 35%
- Luke vs Kylo in 16-bit

Podcast #220 - Ending The Year With ... An Apology
Airdate: 30 Dec 2017

- I crossed a line and got called out on it ... and rightfully so
- Disney pushes for an injunction against Redbox
- AACS 2.0 supposedly broken, Russian company releases DeUHD to rip UHD Blu-rays
- The Last Jedi takes second place in domestic box office gross for 2017
- Star Wars franchise sells $4 billion globally at the box office
- Rumor: Disney is already writing off Solo as a box office bomb...
- Rumor: ...or are they? Cinelinx editor-in-chief hears otherwise.
- Mark Hamill is not happy with role in The Last Jedi saying "He's not my Luke Skywalker"...
- ...and then apologizes for making his gripes public.
- AMC alerts audiences to intentional, creative choice that apparently garnered complaints
- All episodes of Star Trek Continues are now available on bittorrent
- Coco breaks the $500M mark globally
- Denis Villeneuve says that he'll never release the inital 4-hour Blade Runner 2049 cut
- AMC is considering different seating prices within the same theater
- Teaser: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
- Trailer: Early Man
- Trailer: Overboard
- Trailer: Thoroughbreds
- Teaser: Smallfoot
- Trailer: Mary Magdalene
- Trailer: The 15:17 To Paris
- Jurassic World will be a trilogy
- Alamo Drafthouse is bringing video rentals back

Podcast #219 - The Hero For December
Airdate: 23 Dec 2017

- I'm the hero for December (at least for one person)
- Disney is attempting to purchase 21st Centory Fox for at least $54B
- Fox executives try to calm the worry in their own ranks
- Kingsman creator is not keen on the Disney-Fox deal
- Congress members call for anti-trust hearings in Disney-Fox merger
- Writers Guild isn't happy about Disney-Fox merger
- Everyone should be afraid of the Disney-Fox deal
- FCC votes 3-2 along party lines to repeal Net Neutrality rules
- Comcast changes their web site to remove promises of not having "fast lanes"
- Net Neutrality Violations: A Brief History
- YouTube TV is now available in 35 more markets
- Redbox launches digital rentals and purchased without Disney
- MoviePass has more than 1 million subscribers
- Amazon blinks and starts selling Apple TV and Chromecast again
- The Last Jedi easily crosses $500M globally
- Coco crosses $400M globally
- Justice League is the highest-grossing "bomb" ever
- Universal Pictures crosses $5B globally for 2017
- Warner crosses $2B at the domestic box office thanks to Wonder Woman and It
- UK theater chain Cineworld is buying Regal for $3.6B
- Warner shakes up DC leadership after Justice League underperforms
- Trailer: Ready Player One
- Trailer: Maze Runner: The Death Cure
- Disney crosses $6B globally
- Rumor: Kenobi anthology film could start filming in 2019
- Saudi Arabia lifts 35-year-old cinema ban
- Ryan Reynolds to play Pikachu (yes, seriously)
- 48 Hours remake in the works
- Bryan Singer kicked off Fox lot after caring for ailing mother
- Trailer: Ocean's 8
- Additional director backs up Peter Jackson on Weinstein blacklist claim against Sorvino and Judd
- Ridley Scott explains how Christopher Plummer was brought in for All The Money In The World
- 2017's list of movies for the National Film Registry

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Podcast #218 - They're Out Fox Hunting
Airdate: 10 Dec 2017

- Toshiba sells its TV and visual units to ... Hisense
- Non-shocker of the year: Disney sues Redbox for selling DVD codes
- Vudu adds HDR10 to select titles and devices
- Philips releases their first Roku UHD TV for $350
- MoviePass offers an annual subscription plan for less than $8 per month
- Cinemark offers their own movie membership
- The Christopher Nolan collection will be released in Ultra HD
- Rumor: Comcat and Verizon are rumored to be after Fox
- Rumor: Sony is also interested in Fox
- Rumor: Disney is getting more assertive in trying to get Fox assets
- Paramount is launching a virtual reality movie theater
- Harry Potter UHD Blu-ray boxset has been released
- The most rented Redbox titles are ... not impressive
- Justice League tops $500M globally
- WB tops $5B globally, led by Wonder Woman
- Disney also crosses the $5B global mark, led by Thor: Ragnarok
- Teaser: Deadpool's Wet on Wet
- 70mm movies seem to be gaining traction in theaters
- 21-minute Olaf's Frozen Adventure removed from Coco after viewer complaints
- The Last Jedi has a running time of 2 hours 30 minutes
- Death on the Nile confirmed on the success of Orient Express
- Trailer: Rampage
- Teaser: Incredibles 2
- Trailer: A Wrinkle In Time
- Danny Elfman hates when reboots use different theme music
- Weinstein Company bidder promises female leadership majority
- The new Hellboy reboot will arrive in January 2019
- Michael Peña thriller Extinction pulled without explanation
- Live action Mulan puts Chinese actress Liu Yifei in the lead
- Trailer: Avengers: Infinity War
- Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
- Rumor: Quentin Tarantino apparently wants to direct an R-rated Star Trek
- Patrick Stewart would return as Picard for a Tarantino Star Trek

Podcast #217 - To The Lone Star State
Airdate: 16 Nov 2017

- Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch
- Logitech is going to intentionally brick all Harmony Link devices...
- ...however, due to the expected backlash, all Link owners will get a free Logitech Hub
- Thor: Regnarock races past the $500M global box office mark...
- ...and gets $650M globally in just a few weeks
- Justice League is expected to have a global opening weekend of $325M
- Wonder Woman is the highest grossing superhero origin film (until inflation comes in)
- Rian Johnson will create a new Star Wars trilogy
- Disney's draconian terms for The Last Jedi might keep it out of smaller, mom-and-pop theaters
- A Star Wars live-action series is coming to Disney's streaming channel
- Lewis C.K.'s I Love You, Daddy is as good as dead
- Christopher Plummer will replace Kevin Spacey in All The Money In The World
- Universal's monster universe might have imploded
- Kevin Feige talks about ending the current MCU after 22 movies
- New Spider-Man spinoff Morbius is in the works
- Rumor: Mario Bros. might come back to the big screen (Sorry. Wall Sreet Journal paywall...)
- Hulu is bringing game franchise Hitman from the John Wick director
- Amazon paid a stupid amount of money to gain access to Middle-Earth
- Wonder Woman 2 bumped up to November 2019
- Rumor: 21st Century Fox is looking to sell most of its assets to Disney
- Schwarzenegger says that the new Terminator movie will "fix the series"
- Millennium will produce a new Red Sonja movie
- That Hugh Hefner film is dead
- Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit will get a very limited run on December 1
- Blake Lively to star in a new espionage thriller from Bond producers
- Shazam! will star Zachary Levi

Podcast #216 - Interview With A Critic
Airdate: 4 Nov 2017

- I finally give you my interview with a critic about critics!
- Regal plans to launch an augmented reality program
- Broadway HD streaming service links with Amazon and lowers its price
- Netflix releases an Android app (and DVD helps to keep it afloat??)
- Redbox will start selling a limited number of digital movie codes
- Thor: Ragnarok dominates the weekend
- Geostorm completely fails with a #10M opening
- Amityville: The Awakening earns $742 -- no, that's not a typo
- Trailer: 12 Strong
- The 15:17 To Paris will be released in February
- James Gunn tells Marvel and DC fans to knock it off
- 140 pictures show models for the original Star Wars trilogy
- The Han Solo movie will be called Solo: A Star Wars Story...
- Rumor: ...and it supposedly will be made mostly of reshoots
- Rumor: Top Gun 2 will feature Goose's son
- The Addams Family is getting a CG remake
- Dora The Explorer movie is in the works with Michael Bay's production company
- Regal Cinemas might start to charge less for lower-demand movies
- 17,272 movie collection is up for sale on eBay
- Stranger Things gets a VHS release ... sort of

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