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Theme music by Poets of the Fall. Used with permission.

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Podcast #185 - To Absent Friends    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 11 June 2016

- Optoma coming out with a 4K, ultra-short-throw laser projector
- Turn a GoPro into a 3D camera for $50
- The Paramount Vault
- Friday the 13th reboot will give Jason a new origin story
- A behind-the-scenes history of Labyrinth
- An oral history of Dragonheart's amazing special effects
- Rogue One gets reshoots - and it's really not a big deal
- Bryan Singer will take more of a background role in the X-Men franchise
- Pacific Rim 2 nabs John Boyega as the lead
- Megatron and Unicron could be in the next Transformers movie
- Emilia Clarke wants to be the first female Bond
- Sam Mendes won't direct the next Bond film
- Jeremy Irons says that BvS got a "deserved kicking" from critics
- Telltale Games will release Batman series this summer
- New Suicide Squad pictures emerge
- Kung Fury 2 is happening
- Final Maze Runner sequel is delayed due to on-set injuries by star Dylan O'Brien
- Mel Gibson is planning a Passion of the Christ sequel to focus on the resurrection
- Sequel to cult classic The Man From Earth is underway
- 80s comedy Splash is getting a remake
- Pitch Perfect 3 release date pushed back to December 2017
- Disney (somehow) manages to get rights to do a Mary Poppins sequel for December 2018
- Create a 3D avatar for Ready Player One
- John Carpenter will produce a new Halloween
- Sadly, a new Garfield movie is in the works
- Suicide Squad private screening are yielding positive results
- Trailer: Star Trek Beyond #2
- J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin pressure Paramount to drop lawsuit against Star Trek fan film
- Fruit Ninja movie is in the works
- Sherlock Holmes 3 might start filming this fall
- New Star Wars replicas for the "ultimate" collector
- Someone actually paid $1,300 for a Dirty Grandpa jock strap worn by Zac Efron
- Just when you thought that Jamie Lee Curtis couldn't be any cooler...
- Stan Lee jokes that his Deadpool cameo made him "damn mad"

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - (800) 273-8255, 24/7

Podcast #184 - Stupid At 4 AM    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 21 May 2016

- Philips-branded 4K UHD BD player will ship in June
- NVIDIA upgrades their SHIELD Android TV to HDR and UHC 60p with new streaming options
- The BBC will launch a Netflix rival
- Captain America: Civil War crosses the $1B mark globally
- Alden Ehrenreich lands the role as the young Han Solo
- Wolverine 3 has started filming and will supposedly be a "different Wolverine"
- Wonder Woman principal shooting has finished
- Warner Bros. gets a management shakeup in response to fans and critics
- Rumor: Margot Robbie had spearheaded and will produce a Harley Quinn movie
- Interview with Kevin Feige about Civil War, Black Widow, Deadpool, and other things
- Loving Vincent to be made using over 56,000 oil paintings
- Trailer: Assassin's Creed (without Kanye.... ewwww)
- GoPro is shipping it's amazing (but expensive) VR rig
- The new VUZE VR set also provides a 2D/3D VR camera but at a much more affordable price
- Seriously WTF #1 : Atari classics Centipede and Missile Command are coming to the big screen
- Seriously WTF #2 : Tetris is getting a co-produced China/US movie
- Director Shane Black talks about a female Iron Man 3 villain, Mel Gibson, and the new Predator movie
- A sequel for Trainspotting has been announced
- Toby Jones will play the villain for Sherlock season series 4
- Brave director to make a live-action prequel to (get ready) Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan
- Universal joins other studios in scrapping exhibitor clearances
- Simon Kinberg wants the same Fantastic Four cast for a "brighter" sequel
- Trailer: Disney's The BFG
- Charges have been dropped for the accused VHS thief

Also mentioned:
- Mark Taylor and I talk about Eurovision 2016

Podcast #183 - On The Googleplex    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 5 May 2016

- This podcast is now available on Google Play
- Samsung's UltraHD Blu-ray player gets UHD Alliance certification
- Rumor: Hulu appears to be getting ready for their own cable bundle
- Lionsgate movies are now available to rent on Steam
- J.J. Abrams defends The Screening Room
- Captain America: Civil War dominates the overseas box office
- Batman v Superman looks to make around $875M by the end of its run
- Justin Lin will direct the Space Jam sequel with LeBron James
- A new Cinerama-like, three-screen format called Barco Escape will debut with Star Trek Beyond
- Video game series Shinobi is coming to the big screen
- Alicia Vikander is the next Laura Croft
- Set of pics from Episode VIII set show possible Force-aware tree (Shattered Empire)
- Star Wars fan makes a massive ISD Tyrant star destroyer
- Avengers; Infinity War titles are "misleading"; movies will be retitled
- Over 50 pics have been released for Captain America: Civil War
- Richard E. Grant joins Wolverine 3 cast
- "Slender Man" Internet meme is getting its own movie
- Labyrinth will be getting a 30th anniversary Blu-ray and theatrical release
- Trailer: X-Men: Apocalypse (final)
- Hollywood defends their freedom to have smoking in non-R movies
- Sequel to Goosebumps is in the works
- CHiPs and It release dates set
- Red band trailer: Bad Moms
- Trailer: Jason Bourne
- New John Malkovich movie will not be shown for 100 years

Podcast #182 - Boston Bound    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 24 Apr 2016

- Amazon Prime streaming is now available as a monthly subscription
- The Wrath of Khan: Director's Cut is coming to Blu-ray in June
- Roku's new streaming stick is the most powerful device of its kind out there but still can't do UHD
- Amazon's BvS collectors packs are not cheap - choose Batman or Superman
- Batman v Superman crosses the $800M mark globally, critics are still angry that people are buying tickets
- Disney's The Jungle Book rakes in almost $315M globally
- Jurassic World 2 get a director
- Tim Millar really wants a Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover movie
- J.J. Abrams makes a revelation about Rey's parents....
- ...and then backpedals
- A new Star Wars: Force for Change campaign
- Batman: The Killing Joke does indeed get its R rating
- A (long) chat with BvS editor David Brenner
- James Cameron announced four Avatar sequels
- Deadpool 2 is moving forward ... to no one's surprise
- Rumor: New Star Trek TV series will be set between The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation
- AMC Entertainment's CEO might consider allowing texting in some theaters
- Another Charlie's Angels reboot is in the works
- Men In Black + Jump Street = MIB23
- New Spider-Man movie will be titled Spider-Man Homecoming
- Teaser: Doctor Strange
- Alamo Drafthouse is bringing the original Special Edition Star Wars trilogy to theaters
- Blade Runner sequel bumped up to October 2017
- Three's Company movie is in the work (yes, I feel like throwing up, too)
- Charlize Theron will be Fast 8's villain
- Visit one of the last Blockbuster stores
- Teaser: Rogue One
- Warner moves Wonder Woman up a few weeks and announces other dates
- Speedy Gonzales movie is in development
- Richard Donner talks about Superman: The Movie
- Starman remake in the works
- The Sphero BB-8 now reacts when watching The Force Awakens
- Someone built a full-size AT-ST for no reason than he could

Podcast #181 - The Critics Are Furious Because You Didn't Listen    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 2 Apr 2016

- Yes, I liked Batman v Superman
- New $50 home movie service targets those who don't go to theaters
- J.J. Abrams supports The Screening Room
- An old warning about Criterion Collection Blu-rays from 2009 and 2010
- Sony debuts an Ultra HD movie service
- Rumor: Redbox is planning a new streaming service - again.
- Fox will release an Ultimate Edition Blu-ray of The Iron Giant
- Batman v Superman dominates its opening weekend...
- ...and continues to set records during the beginning of the week...
- ...and crosses $530M globally by Wednesday
- Gal Gadot talks about Wonder Woman
- Zack Snyder talks about deleted scenes in the R-rated BvS "Ultimate Cut"
- Warner announces pricey collector's editions of BvS
- Henry Cavill says that fan response means more than the reviews
- Behind-the-scenes look at the women of Wonder Woman
- Explore the Batcave in Google Street View and Google Cardboard
- Suicide Squad to keep targeting PG-13 rating
- Harrison Ford is auctioning off his Force Awakens jacket for charity
- J.J. Abrams doesn't want people watching The Force Awakens on phones
- Star Wars: Empire of Dreams documentary
- Deadpool officially becomes the highest-grossing R-rated movie
- Movie theaters start restricting kids under 6 years old for R movies after 6 PM
- Animation software used by Studio Ghibli and Futurama is now free
- All issues of Starlog magazine are now available for free
- Gas station from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to be made into a horror-based restaurant
- Massive convertible from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is up for auction
- Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
- Teaser: The LEGO Batman Movie
- Trailer: Warcraft: The Beginning
- Trailer: Ben-Hur
- Rumor: Paul McCartney joins Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No tales
- Parody: Obama receives classified briefing on Krull reboot
- NC man gets arrested because he didn't return a VHS tape in 2001

Podcast #180 - F--- The Haters    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 18 Mar 2016

- Fandango launches FandangoNOW streaming service
- The Force Awakens is coming to streaming on April 1 and disc on April 4
- Deadpool comes to disc (including UltraHD!) in May
- The Criterion Collection is coming to the UK
- Batman v Superman "Ultimate Edition" discs will be rated R
- Ford and Spielberg will return for a fifth Indiana Jones movie
- Disney says that they won't make R-rated Marvel movies
- Trailer: Captain America: Civil War (trailer 2)
- Captain America: Civil War will have a running time of 146 minutes
- The Captain America: Civil War main fight scene is 15 minutes long and filmed in IMAX
- New Captain America: Civil War behind-the-scenes photos
- Even Peter Mayhew's original script says that Greedo wasn't going to shoot first
- J.J. Abrams admits that Leia ignoring Chewbacca at the end of The Force Awakens was a mistake
- Zack Snyder says that "there's no winning anymore for Superman"
- Justice League adds J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon
- A quick review of BvS claims that "Wonder Woman is fearsome"
- Regal's BvS Ultimate Ticket has sold out
- The Dark Tower nabs its two leads and is finally headed to production
- Tim Burton confirms Beetlejuice 2 UPDATE: Nope, not happening.
- Shohreh Aghdashloo is added to Star Trek Beyond cast, reshoots underway
- J.K. Rowling confirms that Fantastic Beasts will be a trilogy series
- The Absolutely Fabulous movie will be in theaters on July 1 (UK) and July 22 (US)
- Trailer: X-Men: Apocalypse
- Support indie filmmaking by donating to Volumes of Blood
- Death Wish is being remade with Bruce Willis
- Video game series Thief will get a movie
- Sony is riviving a Venom spinoff
- Tom Hiddleston would love to play James Bond
- Trailer: Ghostbusters
- Paul Feig defends Leslie Jones from harassers: "F**k the haters. Grow up and leave my cast alone."
- Trailer: The Legend of Tarzan
- David Hasselhoff confirms that he's onboard the Baywatch movie
- Darth Maul: Apprentice fan film is worth your time

Podcast #179 - Oscars Shmoscars    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 2 Mar 2016

- Fandango buys Rotten Tomatoes and Flixter
- Sony's first new movie for Ultra HD Blu-ray will be Concussion
- Samsung will eliminate 3D from their TVs (their own fault) and LG will reduce the number
- Deadpool breaks the $600m international mark
- Gods of Egypt becomes the first big-budget bomb of 2016
- A list of the 2016 Academy Award winners
- The Hollywood Reporter's Brutally Honest Oscar Voter Ballots show that Hollywood is rife with politics
- Oscar voters should "watch the f**king movies"
- The Academy sues the company that distributes those Oscars gift bags
- The 2016 Razzies are awarded
- The cover artwork and extra for The Force Awakens discs are revealed
- Wolverine 3 will target an R rating
- The next Predator movie will be a sequel called The Predator
- Fox pulls Gambit from 2016 and announces two new mystery Marvel movies announced
- Sequel to San Andreas is in the works
- Blade Runner sequel will be released in January 2018
- Battlestar Galactica movie is now under development
- A new, fan-restored version of the original Star Wars is now available
- A John Williams Star Wars tribute is set for the Boston Pops
- Judging for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 are set to start in April
- Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller in Chicago this May
- Steven S. DeKnight is set to direct Pacific Rim 2
- Rumor (yet not unsubstantiated): Daniel Craig has called it quits to Bond
- Inside Deadpool's amazing effects
- Josh Brolin hated Jonah Hex, too
- Class-action lawsuit filed demanding that cigarettes must be restricted to R-rated movies

Podcast #178 - The Search for BoShek    Right-click to download the latest podcast

Airdate: 14 Feb 2016

- Samsung's Ultra HD Blu-ray player is now for sale
- Deadpool crushes Thursday R-rated box office sales...
- ...and continues to set Friday and weekend records
- The Deadpool sequel is already in the works
- One user counts how many f-bombs were dropped in Deadpool
- Deadpool will not have a director's cut, says the director
- The Force Awakens crosses $2B globally
- Star Wars: Episode IX will be shot on film
- One Star Wars fan debunks a "40 Unforgivable Plot Holes" list
- Lionsgate claims that TFA stole $80-100M from Mockingjay 2
- This year's Oscars gift bag proves once again how out of touch the Hollywood elite are
- Noomi Rapace will not be returning for Alien: Covenant, meaning a true Prometheus sequel is unlikely
- Hugh Jackman gives a Wolverine 3 script update
- Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the next Conan movie
- Transformers 6 will be a Bumblebee spinoff
- Trailer: Independence Day: Resurgence
- Trailer: X-Men Apocalypse
- Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
- Trailer: Captain America: Civil War
- Trailer: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (final)
- Guardians of the Galaxy 2 begins production
- Star Wars: Episode VIII has started filming
- The mystery behind the actor who portrayed BoShek has been solved
- Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a live action/CG movie
- Michael Fassbender claims that Assassin's Creed is like The Matrix
- Spielberg wisely moves Ready Player One to a new release date
- Jonás Cuarón will write and direct a new Zorro movie
- Bryan Singer will direct a new 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
- Release dates are set for the next Fast & Furious trilogy
- Trailer: Kubo and the Two Strings
- Starship size comparison

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