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Contact / E-Mail

You can contact me in one of several ways. For general comments or feedback regarding the web site, you can e-mail me at
Spammers need to die horribly
For comments regarding the podcast, e-mail me at either of the following addresses:
Spammers need to die horribly
Note that I've disabled clickable, e-mail links because of that scourge of the Internet -- spammers. So, you'll have to type the e-mail addresses manually.

Before sending me any e-mail, be aware of the following:

  • Intentional anti-widescreen trolling will be deleted without a response. If you want to have a discussion or rational debate even with the knowledge that we might end up agreeing to disagree, that's fine. But emotional, trolling, anti-widescreen outbursts ("Widescreen sucks", "Get a TV that's 2.35:1", etc.) will promptly be placed in File 13. So, act rationally or don't bother with e-mail.

  • I am not a studio or in any way associated with any motion picture production firm. As such, do not ask me questions related to "How can I get started as a filmmaker?" because I do not know.

  • I am not a filmmaker. Do not send me e-mail like "I'm kinda, like, a good actor, dude, so, like, how can me and my friends, you know?, be in, like, one of your films, dude?" Such e-mails will promptly be placed in file 13.

  • I am not a reseller. I do not directly sell any of the videos which I list nor am I a video search hound. Purchases are handled through Amazon.Com or one of my partner companies.

  • Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) will not be tolerated or accepted, even if the goods that are being peddled are widescreen related. Be warned: I've been a UNIX network administrator for many years now, so I know exactly how to find out where spam comes from, even with forged headers and/or forged IP addresses and I do trace every spam that I get. Do NOT send me offers unless you are offering to give me a product for me to review on my web site and keep afterwards.

  • If you are looking for technical information about particular movies, such as the aspect ratio, method of filming, or so on, I recommend that you visit The Internet Movie Database since that is where I would go to answer your question anyway.

  • Any e-mail sent to me is an open target. I reserve the right to use any e-mail that I receive for inclusion into the web page and/or podcast even if you request that it not be included. I don't include e-mail addresses in any references anyway, and I will gladly respect any requests that your name not be mentioned.

  • I am just someone who wants to spread the good word about the widescreen process. You may send e-mail to me for compliments, complaints, suggestions, corrections, or to update me on widescreen movies which will be out or are not on my list. If you also just want to chat about nothing in particular, that's fine, too.