There seems to be a bit of a problem!

Everything goes wrong every now and then, but this is particularly bizarre. Something vanished! Poof! Gone! Just like a digital file that you didn't back up after a hard drive crash! (Physical media, friends. Physical media is superior.)

I remember when Gremlins 2 was in theaters. There is an utterly brilliant scene in there where the gremlins wreak havoc in a projection booth and the film stops and burns in the middle of the movie. If you had never seen the movie before, it would have looked like the actual Gremlins 2 film strip just suffered a major catastrophe...until a few seconds later when gremlins show up in shadow and start maniacally laughing. (It worked great in theaters with surround sound because the audio was isolated to the rear channels, where the projector is.)

My manager and I know exactly when that scene would pop up, so we made sure to stand at the back of the theater to hear the audience's reaction both to the "melting film" and to the realization that they got duped. Needless to say for those few seconds the feeling of "what the hell just happened?" was palpable.

I assume that's your reaction right now. "A 404? Here? What is going on?"

I have no idea because that shouldn't be happening, but it is; and it's utterly confusing. (If, however, you were looking to snoop around and find some kind of hidden pages, YOU'RE BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD! STOP IT!)

Anyway, click on one of the links above and you'll go back to a page that actually does exist. (And if you were snooping, STOP THAT!)